Just running a quick poll to see which brand is more popular.

you may say why if you wish.
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  1. Your poll is closed.

    Anyway, nVidia has more market share, but I'd say they'll be losing some to ATi, until they can get back onto their feet with something better than the GTX 480/470, although I must admit the GTX 470 is very well priced. ATi is pretty popular right now, because they have well-priced cards aimed at all different markets - the HD 5970 at ~ $700 USD for flagship performance, the HD 5870/5850 for ~ $400 & $300 respectively more high end performance, then you got the HD 5700 series for less than $200 for decent, mainstream performance. After that you start getting budget gamer cards like the HD 5670, and HTPC cards such as the HD 5500 and HD 5400 series.
  2. SORRY ABOUT THAT, i forgot to change something :sweat:
  3. Poll works now. Personally, I've had great usage out of my 7600gs but for my new rig I'll most likely purchase a 5770 for lower power usage with moderate gaming. Along with that a Phenom II X6 and 8gb of ram, I plan on having another rig I can count on for many years to come. My current P4 rig is approaching 9 years old so I seem to put things to the test.

    I've had reliable usage with my 7600gs for the last 3 years, overclocked to 500mhz core periodically as well =)
  4. @raymundo9911, Are you really going to be watching this thread for the next ten years?
  5. 1- Most popular, depends of the user and experience with both nVidia and ATI manufacturers.
    2- Much better in price/performance today ATI.
    3- Much better in workstations nVidia.
  6. Mousemonkey said:
    @raymundo9911, Are you really going to be watching this thread for the next ten years?

    Na, i was just too lazy to put an actual date. ill put a real one if you want.
  7. I've been ATI since my 1950GT AGP (talk about issues, that card got issues). At first it was simply because nVidia didn't want to put out 7900 series AGP cards, but I went for the 3850 for value (poor student at the time) and then I got another 3850. As for the 5870 that's because it was awesome and Fermi wasn't around to compete. I was really only waiting for Fermi to hopefully drop 5870 prices, but I got tired of waiting and bought it before Fermi came out (in very limited quantities I might ad)
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