Motherboard has no onboard video output

I just bought a new motherboard for my computer im building, an abit an52 ( I plugged in everything, the hard drive, ram, video card, and power supply. When I connected the video card to my monitor, and turned on the computer, nothing showed up on it. I'm guessing it doesn't work because I don't have my drivers for the GPU.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? :??: Everything showed up having power.
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  1. The first screen is the black with white writing start up that you'd normally get when you boot and that doesnt need drivers so thats not the problem .

    First thing you could have missed was to plug in BOTH power leads to the motherboard . One has 20/24 pins and theres a smaller one that has 4 or 8 pins to power the processor .
  2. Both of the power leads are plugged into the motherboard :(

    and i don't even get the bios screen!!!
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