C State madness - turbo!

So I finally settled on a good, stable overclock. After having it at 200bclk x 18 for 3.6ghz, I realized I would need to exceed Intel's spec of a max 1.21V VTT. So, I reduced to 175x21 for 3.686ghz and managed to get it nice and stable finally with 1.96V VTT.

So, then I decided I'd try these C states to see how this idle power saving will work. Suddenly, I'm seeing the multipliers change in CPUZ, up as high as 24x 4.2ghz! Somehow, C states (C6) enabled turbo? It also shows funny temps in CoreTemp due to C6 turning off the cores (as low as 17C on all cores) while HWMonitor says they don't drop that much. Not a big issue, but back to the turbo - I wanted to figure out if it's really on or what. First, I disabled C states again. Boot up (last POST screen) shows 175x21: 3500mhz. I believe this is just because 21x is in fact a turbo multiplier and I had to enable Auto EIST to be able to use it. Running Intel Burn test on 1, 2, 3, and 4 cores I watched all the cores using 4 CPUZ windows and CoreTemp, as well as the Intel TurboBoost Windows gadget. The gadget did not show it on at all, however CPUZ did show the 21x. At idle, CPUZ didn't show it lowering but CoreTemp showed it at x9 idle.

Next, I enabled Turbo with C states still off. This time, I could only use a x20 multiplier because at 21 Turbo gets greyed out - whether on or off. Went and tried burn tests on the cores again, and this time the turboboost gadget did show it at 3.69ghz and cpuz showed 21x, but nothing higher.

Next, I turned Cstates back on, with turbo on (greyed out) at 21x. This time, CPUZ shows 21x only.

Finally, back to Turbo off, C states on, and bam I'm getting 21, 23, 24x depending on 1, 2, or 3/4 core tests. Here's a couple pics at these settings. First one is 1 core being tested, second is all 4:

Also, Everest agrees that it goes to 4.2ghz... so is it really on and going great or is everything getting mixed signals because of C States? I'm thinking it's on and working.
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  1. Wow, that's kinda freaky lol.
  2. Well, it should show the multiplier go up in at least one of the programs if you have it enabled.

    On my setup (in sig), I can't get dynamic Turbo to enable, just static (a straight one multiplier stepping at all times), an odd problem that changing C-States between Auto, C3, C6, off doesn't seem to help, still just gives static.

    Also, CPU-z doesn't have the ability to see individual core information, just the data given from all cores.
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