Make a adapter to connect a laptop EIDE HDD to a Desktop PC

Does anyone know how I could make an adapter so I could connect my laptop's HDD directly to my desktop PC using the EIDE ribbon cables.

I have two junk laptops I could use for parts. I am comfortable soldering
wires to small terminals.

I can't afford to purchase an adapter.

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    Those adapters are $10 or less. Just FYI.
    If you google IDE pinouts you will find all the pin designations and for both 40 and 44 pin IDE connectors, from this and viewing adapters that are for sale you could reverse engineer one for yourself.

    here's an example
  2. Where could I one at that price? I live in the Pasadena, CA area so I have access to most major retailers. I would much rather pay $10 than solder a bunch of tiny connections.
  3. canadian69 said:

    Thanks for the link canadian69 it is much appreciated.
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