Need recommendations for a tower computer case

I am looking to get a tower computer case. My price range is $170 USD or less.


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  1. I have the CoolerMaster HAF 932:

    The new CoolerMaster Storm Sniper is another large case:

    The Antec Twelve Hundred is very popular with gamers:
  2. +1 for the Antec 1200, huge case, tons of room, huge amounts of airflow, whisper quiet with all fans turned down low, and looks gorgeous :)

    Yes... I have one XD
  3. +1 to the HAF or the antec 1200, both are very nice.

    The HAF has great cooling and very quiet. Also has room for cable management behind the mobo tray.
  4. I recently looked at the latest case offerings from Coolmaster, Antec, Lian Li and Thermaltake and I decided in the end to go for the Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package:

    The features which sold it me over the others was first its look. I wanted a case which was black and most gamers style cases seem to go for blue LED lighting and I thought red LED looks better with a black and/or silver case so immediately the Spedo caught my eye.

    Then I started to look at its features and these are what sold it to me:

    It is a very sizeable case to work in and fits all known long lenth sizes of PSU and GPU and has very good cable management behind the motherboard tray.
    It allows you to also install a 120mm fan on the back of that motherboard try to cool your CPU from the back of the motherboard which is a feature most cases don't have.
    The Spedo allows you to install a 120mm fan on a fan bar and aim it at your CPU or GPU's (mine is aimed at my GPU). The Advanced Package version comes with 6 fans from the factory including 2 x 230mm, 1 x 140mm red LED and 3 x 120mm). It also has space for 8 fan mounting locations precut and there is even room to add more fans and radiators with a little modding! Finally it has ample room for a full water colling setup.
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