Can my case fit this heatsink? HELP!!!

First, I did not post this in the overclocking section because I do not want to overclock.

Ok, so I have a case that is mostly unknown to all of you- the Mercury KM 08. I am really bothered about whether it is wide enough to accommodate the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme.

This is really important to me as I recently reseated my stock Intel heatsink and the thermal paste has not set properly and I do not have any left (I know I could just buy AS5, but........)

I was running Auto Gordian Knot to encode a video today and temps. were as high as 80C. This is very high for a Q6600 (it is quite cool at where I live now)

So, I want to know if the TRUE will fit in my case and if I will have to run it with a fan i.e. can I run it without a fan.
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  1. How wide is your pc case? 8 inches? 8.5 inches? 9 inches?
  2. I measured the top of the case using a ruler and it was 18.5 cm - 7.3 inch

    I wouldn't exactly be worried if it were 9 inches :sigh:
  3. The Ultra 120 Extreme will not fit.

    Dimensions: 159x63x132 mm

    159 mm heatsink + cpu + motherboard + standoffs + motherboard tray + side panels = more than 185 mm

    There Ultra 90 would fit:
  4. It seems good, but I only get the TRUE and the Ultima 90I where I live
  5. The Ultima 90 is a great heatsink! I have 3.

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