whats the best HEATSINK for an i5 proseser socket 1156
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  1. Venomous x by Thermalright
  2. HUTH ZX said:
    whats the best HEATSINK for an i5 proseser socket 1156

    Corsair H50 - Reason why is because It does take up less more space in your system and it's All-In-One CPU Water Cooler.
    Price you might not agree on but it's worth the money and time.
  3. Venomous X If you Have Deep pockets But A CM Hyper 212 Plus Or a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme Are Both relatively Low priced and Have Incredible performance
  4. My vote is for the Zalman Extreme - $65, big and cool looking, very quiet, blue LED fan, and keeps it cool (3.68ghz OC, max burn test temp is 57C). Tho there's obviously many good performance coolers to choose from. Check out some reviews.
  5. Here Are some specs


    Excuse My Layout

    Good Luck

    But Value for money the CM hyper 212 Plus Can't Be beaten
  6. I 2nd the CM hyper 212 plus. I guess it just depends on what you're planning on doing. If you're going to do some extreme OCing, you may want to look at others, but I seem to remember seeing some people OC pretty well with the 212. I've got awesome temps with a mild OC to 3.4ghz on my i5 with temps around 31 idle/44 load.
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