Speed up dlink DIR-655

i only get 3 bars upstairs wireless around 40ft from router how can i tweek to get better connection
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  1. thats about right....wont get much better!
  2. Ensure your using D-link N wireless adapters, set router to only support N connections and switch to 40mhz frequency on channels 1,6,11.
  3. do you need to use dlink n wireless adapter? I have a linksys wireless n adapter. I just want to get rid of my old linksys wrt-150n router.
  4. no use your linksys it will work fine with any n router!
  5. ok thanks.
  6. I think about dumping my linksys wrt150n for dir 655. I'll be using a pci adapter on the computer that I'm building and still continue using the linksys adapter to the old computer that I have here. But I would have other computers connected using a wireless g connection.
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