Athlon 64 3200+ & asus a8v

Here is the build i'm working with:

Mobo-Asus A8v socket 939 rev. 2.0
CPU-AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice
Ram-2x 1gb Kingston Value Ram 400mhz
HD-(7200 rpm IDE 80gb.. I think its a WD )
Case- CAF 932
Heatsink- Scythe Mugen 2
Vid Card-GeForce 6200A LE
PSU- Corsair 850TX

This is an old PC i've added a few parts of my i7 system to. My i7's in the RMA process atm.

Bios settings(0229):

Memclock Mode: Limit 1:1 DDR200
1T, 4 beats
FSB: 265
CPU Mult: 10
AGP/PCI Freq: 66.66/33.33
DDR Volt: 2.6v
AGP Volt: 1.5v
CPU Voltage: 1.7v
HT: 600 (3xLDT)
I can list more bios settings if needed.

Temps are 28°C Idle and 40°C Load.

1. The biggest problem i'm having right now is restarting the PC. For some reason, when i passed 260fsb, the PC will not reboot after restarting from Windows or Changin/Saving bios settings..I have to turn the PC off completely then turn it back on, and works fine. I've read it could be because of the AGP/PCI lock. I was hoping someone could help me determine if the higher AGP/PCI lock would be safe with the vid card I have? Has anyone seen this issue before? *edit* i have upped the AGP/PCI lock to the higher frequency with no avail, also upped dram voltage to 2.8v..still having restart errors.

2. I had another question about the mem controller. I've had my FSB up to 300 with a low multi and my ram OCs to around 220mhz but for some reason i cant hit higher clock speeds. I'm thinking the memory controller is the problem, are there any settings that would increase this?

3. Does anyone know of any VERY EASY vcore mods i could do to raise past my max bios setting of 1.7v? I'm running very cool for this setting (1.74v cpu-z)?
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  1. Updated post above.
  2. Here's someting interesting..OCCT and Prime95 report errors within seconds of stress testing but I can run core damage for quite some time with no problems. This confuses me because i've trusted core dmg for my i7 as it gives the highest temps out of all the stress testing software.

    The restart problem started @ 260x10 @ 1.7vcore. I'm at 270x10, 1.7vcore running core dmg just fine. No freezes or reboots yet.
  3. Bump, i really need some help, i'm stumped..
  4. BUMP, i still cant figure out y the PC wont post on a restart of any kind..its very annoying. i thought it may have been the power supply not being able to supply a high enough current or voltage but thats y i put the tx850 in...still searching for answers...
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