Building your own, who do you call ?

So I know which components I want for my new pc, from all the reading I've done: On Line, ofcourse.
The experience of putting it together yourself is very tempting and promises reward.

Run my dream pc selection through you guy on this forum for compatability then,

1-Buy everything. (Name brand components only)
2-It's home and I'm so happy! (Unpack it, put it on the table and look at it, savor it, drool...)
3-Connect and screw everything together. (I've taken apart my present pc and added and removed stuff.
And I've been able to find a loose connection, etc.)
4-Problem comes up on this brand new pc.

Who do I call, on the phone? Who do I turn to for help?

If I bought everything fom TigerDirect's local store, will they help troubleshooting?
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  1. Why not post your problems here for help?
  2. There are any number of sites that offer guides to "rolling" your own you just have to search for them as in "building a computer etc",, and legionhardware come to mind offhand,,and then,, there's always good old Tom's here where all kinds of computer nuts hang out..
    I do not think that the tiger offers any kind of worthwhile support other than the manufacturers warranty or their own in house warranty..
    Help is always a short e-mail away,,not like it used to be,, :(,,,,. :-)
  3. dhvd79a said:
    Why not post your problems here for help?

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