My team xtreem dark ddr2 1066

i need help with this when i check cpu-z it says that my dram frequency says its only 401.8, how do i change the timings for my ram so i can get it to run to 533 or 1066mhz
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  1. Hi.

    What mobo and processor do u have?
  2. saint19 said:

    What mobo and processor do u have?

    i have a gigabyte 790gx board ma790gp-ud4h

    my processor is amd phenom II x4 955BE
  3. The short and dirty of it is to go into your BIOS when you boot the PC up and do it yourself. Change the multiplier (or in your case probably the ratio) and if needed the front side bus to get it to just the right frequency you need. Tho, if you increase the FSB too much you'll be OCing the CPU and might need to up the voltages a bit.
  4. Ok.

    The only thing that u need to do is enter to the BIOS and set all the specifications of ur RAM manually in the BIOS.
  5. sorry.. my other ram is dead so i brought it back to the supplier to change it...

    but i tried change the timings as said on the box but it still reads as 401mhz its really wierd.. do i need to change the fsb?

    i also want to oc my phenom to 3,8ghz

    im gonna use my tuniq 120 extreme cooler
  6. This is a little guide for OC the X4 955.

    With the OC of your CPU i think that ur RAM will run at 1066, but even with that speed u won't see a big performance difference between 800 and 1066.
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