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I have a Gateway FX4710-UB003A with a Foxconn G33M05G1 motherboard.

Is this a universal Micro ATX motherboard? If I were to buy a new case (Micro ATX case) for this computer, would it be fine? The dimensions of the motherboard is 9.6 x 9.6.

I heard that some branded companies make their motherboards to an exact standard to only fit their company's cases.

Sorry I'm new to motherboards and cases, thanks in advance.

P.s. I know that the case won't add performance, but I'm thinking about adding some more stuff in the near future and expanding from this computer's "base."
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  1. YES,,,however,,, you might have to mount/reposition the standoff's for the new case as they may not be installed..:)
  2. If you're thinking of expanding later, consider a regular-sized mid tower case. The more components you add into a micro ATX case (DIMMs, HHDs, powerful video cards), the more chances you'll have of heat issues since the case is small and will have less room for air flow to dissipate the heat.

    To answer, your question, IMO, PC makers like Dell and Gateway usually make their cases (slots, side fans, component mounts) more proprietary than the motherboard. It's easier to gut a Dell and put the components into a PC clone case than it is to put a PC clone into a Dell or Gateway case.
  3. I compared the position of the screw slots in this motherboard:

    The position of the screw holes are the same on the one inside my gateway, the one in this picture is universal... right? So if the screw holes are in the same spot it shouldn't be a problem?

    Thanks again, really helpful :D
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