Sata drive appears as a cd drive

HI. This is cool. I just installed a MB, Memory and procesor. I had 2 80 g HD's. Finally got windows back up but I also added a 320 g HD which the MB recognizes. windows does not. It has it as a CD Drive (F) when I have it in as sata 2. Both 80 g's are fine as sata 1 and 3. I'm confused.
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  1. If you switch sata connection around what happens?
    I'm wondering if it some weird registry problem, perhaps manually assigning it another drive letter in disk management? What does it show as in disk management?
  2. Right click "My Computer" (or Computer) in the start menu and select manage. Select disk management. See if the 320 Gig is listed, If it is listed does it have a partition? if not partition it and format it. it will assign a drive letter and allow it to be used.
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