M4A79T RAID 0 Issues

I have put the RAID drivers on a USB drive, set up a RAID array through the motherboard tools, etc. and the two drives come up as a single drive, as a RAID 0 should dictate it to be. Originally, Windows had detected one disk with a ~320GB partition and a ~320GB section of unused space. I extended the partition to cover the other disk, and it didn't give me any errors. However, when I tried to install to the partitions it gave me an error:

"Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing partition."

Anyone have any ideas? I'm trying to install Win7 using the Vista drivers because it doesn't look like ASUS has any drivers specifically for Win7. I looked at the solution that someone else posted in another question similar to mine, but it involved installing only onto one drive and then configuring RAID, which wouldn't allow me to get the full advantages of a RAID 0 array when booting.
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  1. can you tell me what exactly you are trying?
    are you trying to setup a RAID 0 on two USB drives and trying to install Win7 on it?
  2. I'm fairly sure that my post explains it pretty clearly... I think you got mixed up while reading it. I put the drivers for the RAID on-board controller on the USB drive, I'm not setting up RAID on 2 USB drives. I'm pretty sure that's impossible. Try re-reading it and see if it makes sense then.
  3. I still haven't figured this out. Does noone have any idea as to what might be going on?
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