How do i over clock my AMD Athlon II X4 620

I have a Biostar TA785G3 mother board and want to over clock. This is my first build and I am not sure if I should use the auto over clock or manual. I have a cool master V8 cooler with the Athlon II X4 processor
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  1. steer clear of auto OCing. its not very effective or safe.

    read some guides, and learn about how it works. this is not something we can just give you a few easy tips on, since a mistake can fry your CPU.
    you need to be entirely certain of what you are doing before you start.
  2. your in luck i have that cpu its so easy to overclock just but the voltage to 1.3750 on the cpu thats stock
    then lower your HT link to 8 times then try to bring your your bus speed to 250 going up by 5-10mhz each time thats were i at but you might have to go lower and you might have to higher your voltage as well.even though me and lots of people didn't have to.
    make sure you also lower your ram
    disable cool and quiet

    should be all you need to know

    make sure you use prime 95 to test it
  3. I have no experience with your brand of board, but i can tell you that my X4 620 is running at 3.25GHz so your potential is good, and BTW that's on a stock cooler, so with the V8 you're running temps should never be a problem.

    I agree with welshmousepk, don't just jump in, read up about how your MB sets things and never ever run auto on v core voltage!

    There are a lot of good threads already on here about the X4 620 you should go read those as well!
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