Need advise on a graphics card

I upgraded my pc about 2 years ago. I put in an Asrock P4i65G motherboard and a P4 2.8 chip.

I need a new graphics card...256mb (The best available which is fully compatible with the motherboard)

I will be hopefully putting in 2gb of ram also do it my pc a boost :pt1cable:

Any ideas?

I'm running Xp Home.

Cheers in advance

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  1. To be honest you dont need anything with too much kick because your PC will be the bottleneck i would go for something moderate maybe a HD4650? its cheap and well will giving you something you can atleaste keep for a while...
  2. I forgot the mention the motherboard only has a AGP slot
  3. lol oh ok umm im not familar with AGP personally but someone told me of one called ATI Radeon X1650 512MB and i think thats a good one look around for it... if not just go for like HD3650 AGP slot version...
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