RAID 5 in 2 Sata3 and 1 Sata2

Hey guys, I want to make a RAID 5 with 3 HDD, I want to buy 3 1TB HDD, but the problem is that my new MOBO comes with only 2 Sata3 ports, and the other ones are SATA2, if I make a RAID 5 with those 3 HDD, two of those are going to be connected in the Sata3 ports, and the last one in a Sata2 port, so the RAID is not going to work isn't it?... By that I mean that the speed that I win with the Sata3 RAID is not going to work right?...

Can someone help me to see how can I fix this without replacing my MOBO :P...

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  1. You could get a seperate PCIe SATA RAID controller that supports more drives. Promise SATA300 TX4 for example.
  2. Hi,

    he's right. All drives need to be on the same hardware internal or external controller to be raided by the mentionned controller.

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    I recommend against fakeRAID5; it is very prone to errors and data loss; even with all disks being perfectly fine. Consider its reliability to be less than a single disk. It also has very poor write performance, and can trigger dataloss any time the system is not cleanly shut down (i.e. power failure, blue screen, reset button).

    Instead, try to limit to RAID1 and RAID0, and focus on a backup to protect your data. With a backup, you would be free to use RAID0 and can use any driver as RAID0 is very simple to implement; even the worst driver developers cannot screw this up too big (they still manage to screw your RAID0 random I/O performance, though).

    Or take a look at a NAS running a non-windows OS, and storing your files over gigabit network.

    But by all means, rely on a backup for your data; not RAID5 alone and especially not low-quality RAID5 like Silicon Image, Promise FastTrak, JMicron, AMD/ATi, nVidia and some others.
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