Is the Hyper 212 Plus good enough?

Maybe I should have worded the question more accurately, but that's all I could think of. Is the Hyper 212 Plus good enough to get an i7 860 to 4GHz? I'd much rather get it than the H50 as that would save me $40, but i want that 4GHz. So does anyone know if it can/if it can get a comparable processor to/ just can't do it? Thanks.
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  1. Well, I've seen from newegg reviews (they're not too bad if you can tell which ones aren't written by those who are computer illiterate) that some people have got to 4.0GHz on a Core i5 and 4.0GHz on a Core i7 965. Just make sure you spread the thermal paste well and have good airflow in your case.
  2. Look For guides On how to Apply the TIM on an exposed Heatpipes Heatsink. It makes all the difference.

    A CM Hyper 212 Plus Should be OK for what you are trying to do
  3. Take a look of this picture:

    By saint1926 at 2010-04-03

    P.D. Yeah, with a Hyper 212+
  4. I can get my i5 up to 3.6 GHz (haven't tried higher, I wanted a stock volts OC) and my Hyper 212+ with just the single stock fan (not even at max speed) keeps core temps below 57C. So with the stock 212 fan it is probably possible, with two fans definitely.
  5. So do you think I could get an i7 930 to 4GHz with one?
  6. Yeah, with a good airflow in ur case and the Hyper 212+ is very possible.
  7. I'd be using the NZXT Tempest Evo (it has 2 120 mm front fans, 1 120 mm rear fan, 1 120mm side fan, and 2 140mm top fans), should that be sufficient?

    Here's the link in case you want to look.

    EDIT: if you don't think this case will work, what will (for the same price point, and something with blue LEDs, I'm super OCD about that)?
  8. Ur current case is perfect, have a very good airflow (6 fans, my case only have 3)
  9. Well, there will be a GTX 480 in there, do you think that'd do anything (I mean, I know it will, but will it hamper OCing?)?
  10. Not really, the CPU OC only depends of the settings that u set and the temps of the CPU by himself.

    With a GTX 480 u could have a little more heat, but doesn't affect the OC possibilities.
  11. Just to add on, it depends on your ambient room temps as well. For example, I'm in a basement so it's cool - consistenly 24C. At 3.7ghz my temps top out at about 57. I had it at 3.8ghz (200x19) and temps were around mid 60s - I decided to go lower not because of temps, but to stay within Intel's voltage specs (VTT was too high for that base clock).

    Now, I'm not using the Hyper 212+, but that is a well rated cooler and basically as good as you'll get on air (within a couple degrees). So basically, if it's not enough, your only option left is water cooling and that's way more expensive.

    EDIT: About the GPU. If ran for a while it will increase case temp unless you turn up the case fans. If noise is an issue for you it's worth considering - if it's not then no worries. I keep all my fans at low and I've only seen my case temp go up by 3C under high GPU usage. My case has 2 80 mm front, 1 80mm rear, 1 120mm top and some ventilation openings at the rear, side, and front (Antec 900 II)
  12. I have no noise issues, everything will be running at 100%. I use headphones when I game/watch movies/listen to music, so it's not much of a problem for me.
  13. Nice. I bet that setup could passive cool most stock CPUs :lol:
  14. For all that better coolers like the NH-D14 be sure that fit in ur case.
  15. A) The fans on the NH-D14 are hideous when coupled with my blue and black color scheme (yeah, yeah, I'm OCD, get over it) and B) I don't want to spend more than $50 on a heatsink.
  16. If u don't want spend more that $50, the best option for u is the Hyper 212+, and u can add a 2nd fan to get better temps.
  17. Fair enough. I might eventually replace both fans (well, replace one and add another) with a couple of the NZXT fans that will match the case fans and my life wil be complete. Well... What about the H50? Is it worth the extra $50 for?
  18. In the couple reviews I stumbled upon, it is a few degrees better than the 212, around the ProM, and a couple degrees behind the best (they tested):

    Probably can find better reviews, but that is the gist of it.
  19. Ehh, there are too many other coolers that outperform the H50 for around the same price. That NH-D14 looks very appealing, it has pretty much the lowest temps out of all of them. Hmmmmm...
  20. Yeah, the H50 looks really cool, but sometimes simplicity is best.
  21. I think I'll just get the Hyper 212 Plus now and upgrade either to the NH-D14 or just go straight to water cooling.
  22. ^That's a good option. The Hyper 212+ can give to u very good temps until u can get a NH-D14 or a serious LCS.
  23. Or just keep a giant Liquid Nitorgen dewar filled and next to your desk...
  24. I get incredible performance from the H50, but I don't bother promoting it. Its not for everyone. It adds a unknown to your rig, because of the obvious.

  25. @notty22, what's the widget to the right of RealTemp? And yeah, I suppose it does add an unknown there. But I think I'll just get the Hyper 212 Plus until liquid cooling becomes an option.
  26. What max do you get in Prime/linX?
  27. @notty22:

    1- What are ur ambient temps?
    2- Like EXT64 the best way to know is a LCS or Cooler works great is in load, so, What are the temps with Prime95, LineX, SuperPI and 3D mark06?
  28. Its usually about 69 Fahrenheit in my TV, computer den :)
    Here is the sensor test- Prime 95 test via real temp.
    Max 61 Min 18 was from over night
    The widget is Everest, I customized it, colors and sizes. Its sweet.
    Intel Burn test will run hotter, sometimes up to 69.

    58c for a AMD cpu is not very good. Its not comparable to a i5 750.
  29. lol, I got 58C with my Hyper 212+ in load with Prime95
  30. ^ Rock on man Air is still the best value for money...

    IF you want MAX performance Go For a Nitrogen Setup... Lots more fun
  31. ^With LN2 is more difficult to me, if u bear in mind that I'm from Colombia. Maybe in another countries like the US and England u can find NL2 in a local store, but here isn't that easy.

    For now, i'm building my own LCS.
  32. ^ ntrogen Cooling solutions aren't really available anywhere...
    its a specialist setup.

    But like i said, if you want Max performance Nitrogen Is the way
  33. fisshy said:
    ^ ntrogen Cooling solutions aren't really available anywhere...
    its a specialist setup.

    But like i said, if you want Max performance Nitrogen Is the way

    Dry Ice isn't hard to get tho! Performs pretty well, too, and only $20 for 15 pounds of the stuff. I use it at work to cool alcohol to -40 :)

    It would be neat to use an alcohol cooling set up with dry ice in the resevoir... although, you'd have to buy more every other day lol.
  34. Well, I has only used LN2 few times for OC with my clan. But I think that the LN2 is for extreme OC.
  35. ^ i agree with you! it is extreme cooling for an extreme OC!

    Dry ice systems are fun... i Built a Watercooled system For a friend a while back and It used A rad with a Dry ice Block that sat on top of it... Needed a really funky coolant but temps were phenomenal, like - 20'C
  36. This might be a bit noobish, but if your temps are that good, can't you just up the OC and voltages until you get it to like 8GHz? And if you can't (which is probably the case) why not?
  37. blu3flannel said:
    This might be a bit noobish, but if your temps are that good, can't you just up the OC and voltages until you get it to like 8GHz? And if you can't (which is probably the case) why not?

    Overclocking isn't linear. The higher you go, the more you have to push it to get a bit more. Not to mention that to maintain stability at high clocks you need a lot of voltage - regardless of heat generated, too much power will melt the connections. I've heard of attaining 5ghz on liquid nitrogen cooling, and that is very high. Basically there's just a physical limitation to the CPUs the doesn't allow infinite overclocking.
  38. blu3flannel said:
    This might be a bit noobish, but if your temps are that good, can't you just up the OC and voltages until you get it to like 8GHz? And if you can't (which is probably the case) why not?

    Not really, the problem is that all the components have his limit, for example the AMD processor only support 1.5V, but even that u can rise the Voltage for OC until 1.6V or 1.65V. BUT that voltages are only for the benchmark.
  39. has anyone tried their hyper 212+ with 2 fans?
  40. I'm waiting to buy two fans for replace the stock fan of my Hyper 212+, just wait the review.
  41. i have my hyper 212+ with two stealth 1500rpm fans and it keeps my i3, OC'd to 4.0ghz and 1.300 vcore, under 60 degress..
  42. ^ Its called A push-Pull Config.
    If you are going to do it, for the love of all things green do it right!
  43. this looks pretty good:

    Just make sure it will fit in your case.

    edit for i7 860 version
  44. Looks good, but thats about where the good ends.
  45. This looks better:

    NewEgg does not seem to carry it though. Both are under $50.

    Got them off the FrostyTech site. Anybody trust these stats?

    My thermalright ultra 120 extreme ranks lower than the Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus on this chart. I have had my i 920 to 4.25 GH. Maybe they forgot to install a fan or something?

    NewEgg reviewer says they had their CoolerMaster to 4 GH, so maybe you are OK, and maybe I spent $40 more than I should have.

    Any other thoughts out there?
  46. Looks don't matter.

    Hyper 212+ is the best under 50$.

    And better than 90% over 50$.

    And yes, the Hyper 212+ rapes your Ultra 120 Extreame.
  47. ^Not only the Ultra 120 extreme.
  48. Rapes almost anything. Sure some thigns are better, (Dh-14, Megalmens Rec B)

    But those cost like50-100$
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