How to add 8 in 1 card reader to a gx280

I have a spare 8-in-1 digital media manager taken from a broken emachines T3410. Is there a way to install on a Dell GX280 for the wife?
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  1. Can be done, but it is a very complicated approach, and the end result will not be acceptable to your wife. DON'T.

    However, if you want to add a card reader to the GX 280, it can be done rather easily if the computer case is a mini tower. Two ways to do this:

    1. Install the card reader in lieu of the floppy drive.
    2. Get a 5 1/4 to 3 1/2 adapter and install in the optional DVD drive bay.

    Now for the connections (fun part) - most card readers have USB pin plugs that plug into USB pin headers on the motherboard. The GX280 does not have USB pin headers on the motherboard. This means that you will have to buy a $15 USB ports card that comes with pin headers just to get the pin headers.

    If you do it this way, it will look very professional and will complement your computer. I have all the details to do this, and in case you want the details, send me a PM.
  2. I can appreciate that a neat installation is worthwhile -- particularly where wives are concerned.

    But the USB external card reader I have (which claims to be a 12 in 1 and certainly includes slots for the old CF and rare XD cards) cost under $1.50 at a flea market and similar products are available new for around $10.
  3. I have a multia media card reader from old emachine. It has a one wire five pin interface connection: can it just be rewired for a direct usb connection?
    If so how.
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