Biostar T-series Overclocking utility

I have a Biostar TForce 945P motherboard and cant find a download link for the Biostar T-series Overclocking utility.
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  1. Tbh, I'd just overclock through the BIOS. Software overclocking's not really a good idea, apart from fine tuning and if your BIOS is locked, which I'm assuming yours isn't.
  2. that would be fine but the program also has hardware monitor and smart fan function along with the overclocker all in one and that why I was wanting to find the utility.
  3. Ah ok. I suggest you download HWMonitor and SpeedFan as alternatives.
  4. Overclocking utility should be on the CD. But you could contact them and they could direct you where to get it online. I've had great response via email from their tech support, very helpful and get back usually within the day during the work week.

    I'm not big into overclocking and have not on my Biostar board but my board gets great overclocking reviews as being very stable and that the utility works good.

    Not sure which version motherboard you have, if it matters.

    But checking for my motherboard online I find it here: Not sure if it would work for yours though. But it is Windows based.
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