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One of my client is looking to backup from his small office windows XP Pro to his home an incremental backup (size may be1 GB) over the internet ( I am aware that WAN backup is slower than LAN).

At home he has XP prof as well but router does not have a static ip address from ISP.

My initial thought to use either “ SyncBackSE “ or “ Handy Backup “ utilities,,,,or any other recommended softwares that you guys have been using it over internet (I know there are many)

My questions

I am looking to configure his home’s computer to achieve this task ,,,,,,but I am not sure which path should I follow do I need to install serv-u utility to enable FTP option ,,,I have not used serv-u utility before

If there is no static ip address should I use DynDNS account instead? Can I use Free DynDNs or I have to use paid one ?

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  1. Crash Plan may work for you. Free DynDNS should be all you need. If his router supports dynamic DHCP, especially DynDNS, then it will be easier, otherwise you'll need to install a dynamic DHCP updater client onto his home PC - plenty of free clients exist.
  2. Or he could subscribe to an online backup service. Easier, more reliable. IMHO.
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