Dell PC upgrading video card, advice please !

I have a DELL E521 pc im wanting to upgrade the video card on it. Dell put a very low power supply (305W), and gave very little room for a bigger video card. Also any other advice on upgrades for the ram/psupply would be great.

Athlon 64x2 4000+ cpu

305w psupply: ( for details )

supports: PCI-EXPRESS X16

two gigs of ddr2 300.6 mhz

motherboard model: 0uw457 (dell)
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  1. Depends on what you want to do with your new GPU e.g what Res you want and if you to play games to the max etc.. Also depends on your budget because most likely you'll need a new PSU and with a new GPU you may find costs increasing a lot... So what size Monitor you using? What you plan on doing with your new Graphics Card and Whats your Budget overall... P.S. i suggest you recommend upgrading your ram to something with a faster Mhz even if you dont expand the size...
  2. The upgrade is mainly for counterstrike source. I am trying to keep the psupply for now, and just upgrade the videocard/ram. what ram / videocard can I get thats compatible, budget around $150
  3. You will most likely need a new PSU because well if i was going to take a stab in the dark i would guess the dell PSU is ****! lol and has alow 12V Umm what dell user recommends the 9800 great card may be a slight overkill for you and a bit too tight for a budget too perhaos something more moderate like a Hd4670? (
  4. DDR2 memory with support for DDR2 PC2-5300 speeds. suggestion ?
    is there a decent gpu upgrade I can do without upgrading the psupply ?
    thanks for the response
  5. I'd suggest a HD4670. It won't require a change in your power supply and should handle CSS at up to 1650x1080 resolution with good frames and playability. I would suggest getting one that exhausts the hot air directly out the back of the case, just measure to make sure it will fit. Download a hardware monitor to keep track of your temps, do it before you replace the graphic card and then after you replace it. $80 - $90

    or this one if it the 2 slot ICQ won't fit
  6. OmegaStalker said:
    You will most likely need a new PSU because well if i was going to take a stab in the dark i would guess the dell PSU is ****! lol and has alow 12V

    Really has nothing to do with it being ****
    It is a fairly powerful unit with a 22 amp combined 12v rating.
    It does not have a pcie connector and only has one molex connector.
    There was a guy a couple of years back on the Dell forum who cut up his 520 ( same machine, Intel based ) and installed an 8800 GTS 320, he ran the GTS (with a couple of adapters) for over 9 months.
  7. ok, to be safe im going to order the SAPPHIRE 100255L Radeon HD 4670 512MB since there is not much room to play with. I went to and it said "DDR2 memory with support for DDR2 PC2-5300 speeds" so is that the fastest my computer will support ? If so is this ram a good choice ?
  8. no it supports the 6400mhz ram also i know i check the manuel that comes with the pc since i posted on ur other post i have the same pc and i upgraded the ram but not to that one since well what would i do to the ram that came with it i just added i should say
  9. Now some of the other guys may be able to tell you, but on memory, even if you buy faster, it should still downclock the memory to whatever the board tells it. For the 4670, that's probably the fastest card you will want to try without upgrading the PSU.
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