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Hello. I'm noew to the forums so thanks in advance.

My mom shipped her PC to me to do a fresh xp install. Unfortunately, fedex beat it up and there was some damage to the case.

Now, there's no video signal going to the monitor; it remains black. I tried two monitors, so it's not the monitor. I took out her graphics card and it works fine in a different PC, so it's not the graphics card. All the cable connections are solid and the ram is mounted well. I'm stuck now.

How do I continue to trouble shoot this? Are there any articles online that might help me?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try another Graphics card in your moms PC and well that should atleaste tell you if the problem may lay in the Motherboard if not perhaps then i'd see if the Onboard GPU worked (if it has one) perhaps if you took out all the part and reconnected everything to ensure its stable and maybe check your PSU cant really think of many other things you can do... Sorry but let us know how it goes...
  2. if you try another video card and it dont work in your mom's pc then the mobo is damage. maybe the port "PCI E or AGP" is damage.
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