What ram do i choose for my new core i7 system

I'm kinda in a rush,as i'm acctualy 10 clicks away from ordering a new pc, hoping i'll recive it before x-mas eve!

So I was wonder,what kinda ram do i pick :

1. OCZ Platinum XTC DDR3 1333MHz 6GB KIT (3x Platinum Z3 XTC 2GB, CL7-7-7-20, 1.65 Volts, 240pin)

2. OCZ DDR3 6 GB Gold XTC 1600MHz (3x 2048 MB, CL 8-8-8-24 v1.65)

3. OCZ DDR3 6 GB Intel® Extreme Low-Voltage (PC3-10666 3x2048MB 1333MHz. (

from cheapest to most expensive, price diffrence isn't huge.
Anyways i'll mostly use the PC for gaming, and i might clock it abit.

And this is where my dilemma comes into play,because i'm ordering from 1 store and they are building it for me (Part of the "deal" they gave me). And basiclly it only contains the 2 first rams, and my question is does it make a huge diffrence whether the ram is 1.65 or 1.5 (Low-voltage ram)?

I know it might for the extreme overclockers and such, but i'm not that type. I might overclock it abit tho, and i know the max voltage is 1.65 on the core i7 x58 chipset systems.

So how bad is it to choose a 1.65v ram over a 1.5v ram? And if i absolutely wanna overclock it,can't the ram just be 1600mhz instead of 1333mhz? (Option 2 instead if nr1).

Sorry for the terrible english, and sorry for being a total noob at this
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  1. Option 2 will work just fine, especially since they will build and test it.
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