VERY low CPU usage

im no computer genius, not by a long shot

but my computer usage is always below 10% usually around 3%

as you can guess; this is tediously slow,

and ideas, of what to do??
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  1. ?

    Slow doing what?
    Using what software?
    And what hardware?
  2. dss_pinkpanther said:
    im no computer genius, not by a long shot

    I noticed :kaola:

    Your cpu usage is low because your not doing anything to make your computer work hard. Low cpu usage shows your pc is able to run your programs easily.

    If you run task manager while doing something taxing (for the pc that is) such as rendering video or playing games, you will see your cpu usage shoot up.
  3. dss, you are getting confused with the difference between speed and CPU utilization (or usage).

    This is a simplistic analogy but: Imagine an 8 passenger mini-van. How fast it goes is "speed". How many passengers it carries while going that speed is "utilization". If all it has is a driver, its utilization is 12%. If you have 6 passengers - 7 people total, it is more heavily loaded and its utilization is 87% of capacity.

    Back to CPU's: most applications do not stress the CPU that much. Your CPU normally spends a lot of time waiting for input from you.
  4. thanks guys

    you rock !!!! !! !! !!

    the reason i was asking is because my computer is RIDICULOUSLY slow and nothing can pick up any sign of spyware or virus, nothing?!

    my folks lost the details about the computer, maybe its just meant to go slow.... ;)
  5. ps. i like the bus analysis!!

    its really helped! :D
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