Samsung Spinpoint F3 Reliability?

I'm trying to decide which drive to get for a new system I'm planning on building, and was considering getting a 500GB or 1TB Spinpoint F3. How is the reliability one these drives? How does it compare to the WD Blue drives? Have there been any issues with using Raid 1, with them?
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  1. You will have to read all the customer reviews out there for yourself, but my personal experience is that the spinpoints are solid drives, will out perform the WD and run quieter and cooler. I should qualify this by saying that I am completely biased towards Samsung. I have heard of people saying their spinpoints were DOA or failed within days, but I have yet to have any similar experiences.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I've read some of the reviews, but none of them really talked about the reliability over time. I think I'll get the 1TB since it's so affordable.
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