SATA hard drives and IDE disk drives

im wondering what the problem is
bios wont detect the hard drive and neither will ubuntu
how should i configure it?

can one disk drive be the master and then the other disk drive (IDE) and hard drive (SATA) be slaves?
this is very frustrating because im not sure if the hard drive is dead or what, which settings should i look for in the bios to have a sata HDD and two IDE disk drives?
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  1. Well the drives connect to different interfaces, so I guess you are telling us that you have a motherboard with both IDE and SATA connections? Maybe you should give us the specifications for your computer (makes and models of everything).
  2. its a medion MED MT 347G
  3. That was nearly impossible to track down, I think that the motherboard in that unit is a MSI 915GLM-V. You will have to verify that is what your board looks like.

    If that is your motherboard then you can download the manual from the link above. You can also find driver and BIOS updates there.
    Once you have confirmed that we do indeed have the right motherboard, Read the manual to ensure that your hard drives are installed correctly. Then with your drives installed reboot the PC and press DEL to enter the system BIOS. Refer to your manual for instructions. Check to see if the harddrives are being detected in the BIOS.
  4. "The first hard drive should always be connected to IDE1. IDE1 can connect a Master and a Slave drive. You must configure second hard drive to Slave mode by setting the jumper accordingly."

    I have TWO optical IDE drives, and 1 SATA drive... i dont know what im doing wrong. The first optical drive is master, the second is slave.. what the hell should the SATA drive be?
  5. Easy on the bumps there big guy. Have you even tried anything we have suggested yet?
  6. im beginning to think the hard drive is dead.
    is there an easy way to tell?

    and what have you suggested? look at the manual? did that.. and there is no special instructions.
  7. IDE (PATA) has Master and Slave, Serial ATA (SATA) is always a Master (you can't change it).
    That MotherBoard (if that is the one you have?) only supports SATA 1.5Gig, what SATA drive are you using? It might (depending on drive) need to be re-configured.
  8. im pretty sure its sata I
  9. So without all the bumping: :D

    1). You have 3 drives - 1 SATA HDD drive, 2-IDE Optical drives? What kind of SATA HDD? Oh I see, a SATA I drive.
    2). The BIOS isn't seeing the SATA drive?
    3). One IDE drive is set to master (or cable select), and the 2nd is set to Slave (or cable selecct)?
    4). Have you set the BIOS to AHCI for the SATA ports? Do you have that option?
    5). Have you set the BIOS to IDE for the IDE drives (IDE Opticals won't work in ACHI mode), not enhanced or ...?
    6). The BIOS isn't seeing the SATA drive? Is is plugged into the first SATA port (0 or 1 depending on mobo)?
    7). Have you checked the boot order in BIOS? But BIOS isn't seeing the SATA drive?
    8). Is the drive plugged in? Both 15 pin SATA power from the PSU, and 7-pin cable to the mobo SATA port? (I know, dumb question(s)!)


    a). SATAs are always masters (no jumpers, except to lower it to a 1.5Gbps bandwidth from the 3.0Gbps default, check your drive manual. This might be it, if it's a new drive. But being SATA I, probably not.).
    b). IDEs need to be set to Master or Slave (or cable select, depending on your mobo. Looks like you checked your mobo manual, and it doesn't support CS.)
    c). BIOS setting for SATA should be ACHI for max permorance, but can be set to IDE compatible.
    d). BIOS setting for IDE should be IDE (not enhanced) for Optical drives. Your mobo should support a IDE Optical as Master, mine do! And I have a 2002 Dell P4 machine running 2-IDE and 2-Optical drives (DVD & CD burners)!

    And finally:

    i). This is not a new set up?
    ii). This just happened out of the blue?
    iii). No new SATA drive?
    iv). No new Optical drive?

    Sorry for the clowning around with bullets. Just trying to give a little levity. But my advise is sound. :lol:
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