Can I transfer my XPS 630i into another case?

I bought a XPS 630i a couple months ago and I wanted to transfer all the internals to my Antec 900 gaming case. But someone told me I would have to upgrade the PSU. How true is this? And is it difficult to move?

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  1. Im pretty sure its not possible without some serious modding. The layout of the BTX mobo that Dell uses means the graphics card would be mount at the top of your case.

    The only alternative is to mod the side panel so that the mobo is installed in the left hand side of the case.... not an easy job and not sure it would be worth it.

    Cheapest option is the buy a different mobo and use the other components from the XPS360
  2. Since the motherboard in the 630i is replaceable with a standard ATX motherboard, it should be possible to transfer all of the components to another case, including the power supply.
    I suggest you go here and do some reading
  3. Yeah I'm a member of My630i, but the Antec 900 is not a very popular choice in cases. I just use this computer for photography & graphic arts so I was just using the 900 because the "cooling" features seemed much better than the 630i case.

    I have two Rosewill rear pci exhaust fans & 2 HDD Coolers. Also a Vantec 92mm exhaust fan. So their doing what they were made to do but I felt I could go the extra mile.

    I was going to upgrade the 630i with a 780i SLI FTW mobo and a GeForce 295 with the goodies of course so....I'll use the Antec 900 for that setup or I'll sell it and get the Antec 902.

    Sorry for not introducing myself earlier fellas, lol. I didn't see a intro page.


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