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some guys at a local shop threw an oem DVD rom at me when i said what I was looking for (sata lightscribe).. I assumed it would have dual layer writing because looking around online it seemed to be standard so forgot to mention it, but i guess i'm an idiot. well, it's also a discontinued model.
looking at their website, they don't seem to carry any dual layer sata lightscribe dvdroms.

Lightscribe is kinda cheesy, but I got it because I am going into Multimedia where sometimes I do have to make DVDs for people and stick on labels/sharpie don't look very professional.
And while I don't care about dual layering for myself, I know that the opportunity with a client might arise where it would be necessary so i wanted to have support for it.

So I'm trying to decide what to do if I should just keep the thing or try and return it and get another one somewhere else. hurmph.
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  1. Well lightscribes with dual layers come cheap anyway. So why not take a new one?
  2. yeah.. it turns out their website and newegg both have incorrect/incomplete info on the drive and it is DL afterall. ohsigh.
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