ARGH stuck for choice HD4870????

Im stuck for choice i can either get a an Overclocked Club 3D 4870 512MB (,-Retail_8153.html) or an Force3D Freezer 4870 512MB ( The Force3D is meant to run as cool as ermm something very cool lol(is more expensive) but the Club 3D is already overclocked so i cant work out which one to get... Come on which ones better??
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  1. Id lean towards a regular model with the regular cooler. Blows air out the case, put fan to 35% in CCC it idles at 42 loads at 62 in a warm room. Open the windows, let the cold devon air in, stable at 825 core 1050 mem with 50% fan. Pretty pointless and pretty loud, but with 15 degree ambient air temp they oc loads. 800/1000 stable with 40% fan in a room with the radiator turned up way too high. All this fun with a sapphire 4870 512mb. Id go for the cheapest 1gb you can find. Screw oc'd cards there not worth it.
  2. I cant afford the 1gb so your saying gor for the cooler version because il be able to overclock it more thats pretty logical...
  3. Yeah, OCing yourself is reasonably easy and normally effective. I'd go for the better cooler in this case.
  4. Anyone have a Force 3D HD4870 i only know about it because someone recommended it on another post and it looks cooooool so anyone got first hand experience with it?
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