Maxtor Drive Suddenly Quit Working

Maxtor Drive Suddenly Quit Working
The bios doesn't see it anymore. It makes a somewhat of a clicking sound. It has valuable data I would like to get out of it. I see there is a firmware update available but don't know how to flash it since bios doesn't see drive.

P/N: 9hm13l-336
firmware: mx15
date code: 09172 site code: tk

My drive is affected by a known issue that made the news last year, i had no idea my drive was part of it....but how do you know 100% if the reason your drive just all of a sudden dropped off your bios is fixable by this firmware update? what other symptons are there to these problems?

i'm sending the drive in to Seagate's i365 service but would like to know if there is any more info available or if i'm at the mercy of i365 which quoted me 700 to 2000 if the drive isn't fixable by update.

has anyone here unbricked a drive that i365 said firmware couldn't fix?

any help would be appreciated.
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  1. If the drive is clicking I seriously doubt that they will be able to fix it with a firmware update. Generally the drive has to be working for that to work. AFAIK.

    It really doesn't look good. As for getting the data off it, forensic data recovery will cost alot.

    People always think I am crazy when I suggest this, but every once in awhile (rarely) it works, at least long enough to get really important data.
  2. i had a backup of the photos and videos.

    and a bough a 2tb wd myboiok world with raid 1 to backup my mp3's:)

    now my pc has 6 hd's....working on reorganizing my files.

    good news is seagate fixed the drive for free. all it needed was a firmware update. it's back on my pc already with data intact.
  3. Awesome. I'll say that I have heard an authority on the subject (Steve Gibson) agree with canadian that freezing a drive will sometimes fix the click of death, at least for a tiny bit.
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