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Hey everyone,
Been an interesting week. I've been attempting to ressurect my old partition from a Acronis system image with no last results.

The first time the recovery finished I was left with a nice blue loging screen with the windows XP logo and no password field I repeat not a BSOD but uninteractable login screen I couldn't ctrl alt del to bring up taskmanager and log in either.

Then I altered a few things in easy bcd and would mess up the drive letters so a repair install was out of the question though one time I did get to run one it detected the volume win xp was one but did not allow me to repair it. So I booted into Recovery console tried to run bootconfig or bconfig (sorry it's been a long weekend) /rebuild and got an error. I then ran chkdsk /r I then tried bcconfig /rebuild again and got the same error. Then came the hardware issues which I will post about in the proper forum so while previously I could work on two disks at once I have only one now.

I'm going to attempt another XP recovery/rescue from my external and will post the results. Thanks.
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  1. I fixed it! Did a second recovery as detailed. Ran a chkdsk on it. A repair install failed as Win XP couldn't detect a damaged installation. Little did I know that the partition I restored Xp to wasn't it's original drive letter. Fixed that in Windows 7 restored the drive letter for the OEM restore recovery partition of XP as well then it booted right up and I got past the login screen and everything seems to work writing this from my XP partition actually. Odd how I wanted each OS to be on a different hard disk but they both ended up the other new one at the end.

    I'm assuming XP couldn't detect a damaged installation because it wasn't damage just the letters were off. Or maybe it's something else :whistle:

    I was considering making a system backup or something and then reinstallation Win xp all over again as this particular build was my original from back in 2006 and it's gone through several repair installs it has several Windows within windows folders. Not sure if I could recover my programs doing that. I backed up all my documents and programs already I'd just hate to end up with unregistered programs is all.

    Perhaps I should just leave it alone. At any rate I have a hard drive to save!
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