Air Cooling and Cases?

My current PC setup is using:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
GPU: 2 x 8800GTS 640mb
RAM: 4 x 2GB OCZ Reaper
MoBo: ASUS P5N32-E Plus
HDD: 1 x IDE
6 x SATA
1 x 4 x eSATA RAID

Case: CM Stacker
CPU HS: Zalman CNPS9500A LED
Fans: 1 x 140mm 5 x 80mm 10 x 30mm and other assorted fans...

Currently not only is this setup rather hot, I intend to OC if I can cool it, and incredibly noisey. Though that is because I keep the fans at 100% at all times because it gets so hot.

I am going to replace the motherboard, it never worked properly out of the box plus it doesn't utalise quad CPU, and the case. This is an attempt to cool the chipset CPU and GPU down. I was thinking about the CM Cosmos S, though slightly worried about noise vibrations, or maybe thermaltake.

What case would you guys reccomend? (Baring in mind my taste is pure black, similar to Cosmos S, CM Stacker, Thermaltake Level 10, etc. Simple, plain and looks good. Nothing fancy.

What fans should I get and how many? (Depends on the case but I am pretty fixed on the Cosmos S) Would fewer fans at higher RPM be better than lots of fans at low RPM?

Do I need to replace the heatsink(s)? I am especially worried the Zalman HS might not be up to the job, also I am considering Zalman GPU coolers. The GPUs are SLI'd, the top GPU runs very hot as it is very close to the CPU and is around twnety degress hotter than the secondary GPU. I have tried fiddeling with it and swaping but makes no difference. N.B/ I have a few thermaltake HSs which I did use to cool down an overheating Xbox such are big and bulky, there is also one which can be added between the HS and the CPU though I am not sure whether that would aide in cooling or not. As I am worried the heat would not be dissapaited upwards onto the second HS.

What motherboards are good for cooling? I am looking at 780i motherboards. The current chipset on my motherboard gets incredibly hot, would it also be advisable to get some finned chipset heatsinks?

There are so many coolers out there and I have read so many reviews but I have had little experience and have little frame of referrence. I would appreciate any input, I hope I have given you all the details. P.S/ Yes I would like to go with water cooling but upkeep is too hard as well as it being far too expensive.
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  1. I think my inexperience when I built the case, as well as consitentily taking it apart to try and improve it every five minutes. With the added somewhate faulty motherboard (That I should of replaced but I spent ages building my system before I realised it was faulty and ASUS said they would take up to a couple of months to replace. I cannot go that long without my computer, lol) added into the mix and it just becomes a rather large and hot pile of fans and noise. Not quite and yet not cool.

    P.P.S/ I apologise for any spelling errors my keyboard's battery was dying...
  2. Nvidia chipsets aren't the best, look at a 45 or 48 chipset.

    On the case issue, having TWO 120x2 input and TWO 120x2 outputs are key. They pull plenty of air out. Many many choices.

    Just choose from the many selections. Some even have top or bottom fans.

    Look at it this way. Your gonna buy hotter and hotter stuff. So look big into a case now.

    Coolermaster has a nice big one, I always was partial to Antec, look at the 1200.

    I don't use a case anymore so I'm kinda out of touch.

    Ohh Obsidian 800, yea baby.......
  3. I was thinking more along the lines of specifics rather than a more general overview. Thank you though for the insight into the fans.

    I was thinking if I went with the Cosmos S case then I would have either dual 140mm or triple 120mm along the top, one 120mm out the back, one on the side and two or three down the front. That is of course if that is feasable.
  4. Also I am unsure, sorry to sound so ignorant, what the 45 and 48 chipsets are?
  5. The Intel Chipset mobos for your chip class.

    Ohh, but I see you want SLI, so NM.
  6. well, cosmos s can be mod to have 3 120 mm fans on the front, the only issue i have ever seen on the cosmos s is that some cpu coolers like v8 dont fit, u have to cut the side fan to the case be able to close,and that it brakes very easy still is a good option, imagine, 3 front intakes 120 mm, all with dust filter (something i love) 1 outtake in the bottom 3 on the top and 1 on the back and 1 intake on the side i mean... thats cooling bro.. and dont forget u have a lot of space to work, 37.5 mm wide even an ati 5970 will fit with no issues, u have cable managment space behind the mobo trail and holes for cables also u can use extended atx

    if ur not gonna need that space i would recomend also antec 1200 also with amazing air flow and lots of space not as much as cosmos s but perhaps better air flow and again, dust filters, and dont forget is cheaper.
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