Radeon 4870 x2 2gb no digital video signal

hey everyone. Maybe someone can help me with this problem. I just bought an ATI Radeon 4870 x2 2gb installed it into my pc, installed the drivers etc everything went through says it's working properly. Now when i reboot with my monitor plugged in via the DVI cable it gets to loading windows and then the little splash screen then i lose digital signal. If reboot into safe mode it loads up and everything no problem. Also if I remove the DVI cable and plug the monitor or any other monitor in analog withthe VGA cable it boots up and runs fine. I'll assume maybe its a driver issue, I can't understand why it just loses digital signal. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm running an:

asus M3a79-T Deluxe
AMD phenom x4 9850
8gb Kingston RAM
Radeon 4870 x2 2gb
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  1. I'm having the same issue. My computer is running fine but since I had to use an analog adaptor everything is a little bit fuzzy. This may sound like a non-issue but I spent good money so everything could look better, not just my games. I know this is a couple months old but I'd really appreciate any kind of help here.
  2. Quote:
    You need to uninstall any drivers, pop into safe mode and use a driver cleaner of some kind then in normal mode install the newest drivers again.

    I do not know the cause of it myself just that very occasionally this happens.

    Awesome! Would you recommend any specific driver cleaner?

    EDIT: Actually, I'm not very clear on what to do haha. Wouldn't using a driver cleaner get rid of all drivers off my computer? So I'd have to reinstall all of them, right?
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