Jetway 775GT1-LOGE FSB / RAM speed issue

My Brother in law purchased this board along with 2 8600 GTS cards, an intel core 2 duo E6600, and 1 2Gb stick of kingston DDR2 667 memory, and 1 1Gb stick of kingston DDR2 667 memory. He recently realized that his ram was running at 533 Mhz, and the bios refused to allow him to change it. He has also complained that his performance is not all that it should be on games like WOW, Crysis, and the like. He talked to jetway's "tech support" and they told him that the reason his ram is running at 533 is because the FSB on his processor is 1066 and he doesn't have 1066 memory installed, so it cuts the mem speed in half. Problem is this board only supports up to DDR2 667, and will not let him overclock. I don't know alot about how the FSB relates to ram speed or if it even affects it. I know his ram isn't configured for optimal performance, but I am having a hard time swallowing the tech support's assessment of the problem. Can anyone tell me if this is bogus or not? And does anyone know of a good SLI board that wont break the bank, I have a feeling he is going to want to unload this board soon, and I know he is on a budget.
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  1. The assessment is bogus, but nothing is wrong with the board. It's just a cheap board that won't let you change default settings. My guess is that the RAM is really DDR2-533 RAM that needs a higher, non-standard voltage to run at DDR2-667. Thus, it runs at DDR2-533 by default. In any case, it won't make a noticeable performance difference.

    I'm not sure if that MB will run the 1GB and 2GB sticks in dual-channel mode where they overlap -- if not, it would have been smarter to buy a pair of 2GB modules.

    Not sure what the performance complaint is about. Your bro IMHO made a poor purchase decision in buying a pair of old 8600 cards, as SLI only makes sense when running the latest, fastest cards; otherwise, it's cheaper and faster to buy a single card that's faster than the two 8600 GTS cards together.

    My rec: unload the graphics cards, buy a single decent card, and have fun.
  2. I thought it sounded a little strange. I found a similar board from MSI that supports DDR2 800 brand new for $52.00 so I think I might pick that up for him. I am sure that the big issue with his ram is the mismatch pair he has in there now, and the crappy bios. He bought this whole setup about a year and a half ago, and didn't do his reseearch, he just went el-cheapo on everything. The thing that set him off was I when I played WOW with him on my wifes computer with an 8600 GT and it was getting 75-80 FPS and his was still struggling with both of his cards. He also loves to run all those nice resource hogging programs that norton puts out and wont give them up to save his life. I am upgrading to a 64 bit OS soon, and will have extra parts I can give him. Should help some.
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