Weird E8400 CPU Temps.

im on stock cooling c2d e8400 @ 3.0 ghz and idle my realtemp or speedfan n everest all say this..

CORE 1:28
core 2: 41

no matter what i do core 2 is always 41.. if i play games it will go up...but is it actually idleing at 41c and is this bad>?

im using stock intel hsf with ocz thermal paste

also could i o verclock the 3.6ghz safely?

also using 3.0ghz running prime95 i get 55c on all of that to high?
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  1. It could be better. But it's not dangerously high. You could try to clean up the inside of your case to improve airflow or add another fan.
  2. case is pretty clean..2 fans running 100%..redoing thermal paste = 0 changes..can i oc to like 3.2 or 3.3 and be fine? or i get i get like the OCZ Vendetta 92mm cpu can i oc to 3.6?
  3. Your core 2 sensor is just stuck. It won't go below 41. This is quite common on E8X00 cpu. Nothing to worry about.

    Use Core 1 and CPU to calibrate your temperature monitoring software.
  4. balthalzar said:
    case is pretty clean..2 fans running 100%..redoing thermal paste = 0 changes..can i oc to like 3.2 or 3.3 and be fine? or i get i get like the OCZ Vendetta 92mm cpu can i oc to 3.6?

    Should be able to do 3.6 safely on the stock cooler.
  5. Could be badley seated HSF.... poxy Intel push pin clip things to attached the heatsink are rubbish.... whoever dreamed them up needs a wake up call.

    Check all the pins are fully through the mobo.... iI had similar problems and thought it was the HSF or even the CPU. ditched the intel cooler for one with a backplate - problem solved
  6. it wouldnt be a badly seated HSF if the heatsink wont budge at all right? and i mean ive taken it off and like 4 times lol.

    is the OCZ Vendetta 92mm a good aftermarket cooler? btw in prima95 at 3.6ghz i get that safe for a 24/7 oc? with the vendetta what would my temp be vs the intel hsf 64 c temp, btw i want the vendetta because i guess i can put it on w/o taking my mobo out, (and i get 10$ off it) otherwise id get the xigmatek but im gonna be worn out with cash

    Buying a gtx 260 n 610w psu so yea lol
  7. 64c is a little high for idle temps. That would mean your load temps would be at or over 70c. You should put a better cooler on it to bring those temps down. Xigmatek makes a nice 120mm cooler w/ a backplate for ~$45.
  8. the 64c is during prima 95 which is alot of computer stress..
  9. I'm still novice at overclocking, but from what I read here...

    Assuming you calibrated your monitoring software properly, and that you want to keep some headroom for hotter ambiant temperature, i'd say 64c is pretty limit for core temperature and a bit too high for CPU temperature.
  10. its prolly cuz i got shitty stock intel hsf
  11. if i bought the ocz vendetta 92mm heatsink fan what would my temps be like>?
  12. It depend on other factor, like case airflow. Here a comparaison:

    You notice that on this test, the Vendetta cut the temp by half at comparable noise level. Quite good.
  13. OP, are you using SpeedFan to get the temps? often times you can get the GPU and CPU cores confused.. if your GPU reading is the same as the second core reading then you are actually reading the temp of the GPU core.
  14. No he's getting it from Real Temp as well.

    To answer the question, the OZC Vendetta should do a better job cooling your processor than the stock cooler. As stated before, your problem is a stuck sensor.

    Your CPU will not ever normally get as high as it does during Prime95, so as long as the ambient temperature in the room stays cool in the summer, you will be OK.
  15. Sensor is bad on the second core.
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