Needed applications when Overclocking...

Just as the title states. I want to make sure I get all the latest testing software to test/monitor/benchmark any OCing. I wish this was in one of the sticky posts (If it is, then I might have missed it and someone can link me!)

So far I've thought of a few, if you advanced OCers could chime in and list anything else, or any newer updates that would be great =).

FutureMark3d06 ?
SpeedFan ?

What programs do you guys use?

OCing I'll be doing:
Athlon II 440 Rana 3.0
CoolMaster Hyper 212+
ASROCK 770 motherboard
GSKILL ripjaws @ CAS 7 7-8-7 24
XFX Radeon 5770
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  1. Hi.

    1- Are u OC from windows?
    2- CPU-Z yeah.
    3- GPU-Z sometimes (if u aren't OC GPU why open it).
    4- Prime95 is for stability that is a basic test for get the best OC, yeah I use this when I OC.
    5- IntelBurnTest, is more focus on Intel CPUs and u are using an AMD processor. I never use it anyway.
    6- Memtest86, is used when U OC the RAM, if u don't do that why open it?, with Prime95 is enough for the stability or another good program is SuperPI
    7- 3D mark 06, 3D mark Vantage and PC mark Vantage all open
    8- Speedfan is a good program, but HWMonitor or Everest are better. This is very important to know ur temps.
  2. I found myself mostly using Intel Burn Test with HWMonitor. The 'best' temp monitoring programs really depends on your set up, some work great others might be off. I just started using SpeedFan, and actually it's quite good and also allows you to either auto or manually adjust the CPU fan so I've got mine set now using that. Back to OCing tho, imo use IBT (or LinX) for fast checks on any changes you make, and once IBT seems stable (at least at High stress for 10 passes) then you'll want to run Prime95 overnight - at least 8hrs, 10 or 12 is better, and 24hrs will guarantee stability but imo it's a little excessive. (BTW I don't know how linpack tests work with AMD, I have Intel experience)

    I haven't used 3D Mark but from my understanding they're more for GPU testing... not sure...

    RAM- I like Everest as it has very detailed info on it's speed and timings and you can benchmark the read, write, copy, and latency. For stability after a RAM OC (when it's what you want) use Memtest86+ for a thorough stability check.

    GPU - I basically only used MSI Afterburner and Kombustor (based on FurMark - either one is fine).

    As for GPU-Z and CPU-Z, I don't really see much point in using them. To me the only useful info I get off them is my current core speed, but I have the turbo boost gadget on my desktop so I already know, realtime, what it's running at. AMD is different tho... but, if you use CoreTemp, it shows the current speed as well. I think it's good to use them as references just to make sure everything is agreeing on what their readings are, but beyond that... I dunno.
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