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Hey all,

I'm afraid I am in a bit over my head with this one, so I figured I'd turn to those who know.

I procured an HP 3700n color laser printer via ebay for $26 (no shipping, picked it up)...and it has less than 5k prints- quite the deal. Anyways, I want to network it for use throughout the house. I've rigged printers before through a network (wired and wireless), but I am having trouble with the various OS'es used on all the computers in the house. Here is the set up of the network and computers for convenience sake:

-Main PC and laptop have Windows 7: The main PC is connected to the wireless router through a hard wire. I have successfully connected the two together and the printer works through the laptop (wireless).
-Sister's PC: Windows Vista HP and is connected via hardwire through the wireless router.
-Old man's PC: Windows XP Home and connected to the network via hardwire through the router.
-The old man also has a couple of laptops, one of which is Vista Business and the other is XP Pro (you think having 3 PC's is bad; he has 3 cell phones on him at all times- the joys of public works).

Currently my dad's and sister's pc are rigged together to share a printer near his desktop pc and it works just fine. When I go into the networking of W7 on either of my PC's, I can see their computers and a printer the old man has near his desktop PC and connect to them just fine. His Vista latop can do the same and obviously my sister's pc can as well.

However, when I attempt to locate the 3700n and another HP laser I have (B&W) on any of the other computers, no joy. I have my main pc set up to be discovered, print and file sharing are on also. The printer(s) are also set up to share. Also, my main pc is detected by all the other computers, but when I try to access it, a login-password prompt comes up (nor is the printer detected when I attempt to add a network printer). To my knowledge, I have no passwords on my main PC. What is going on there? I assume I have to disable something or turn something on, but what?

Any advice is appreciated as always.

So is there a way in both XP and Vista where I can simply locate the my main pc that the printers are rigged to and type in the network key it assigned me?
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  1. Never mind; I figured it out. It was an oversight on my part that I still had password protection on in W7.
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