4850/9800gtx+/9800gt for 17" Monitor and Wow Help

Hi. I've been reading a lot of forums the last 2 days and I can't come to a consensus, and this is where I need your final help.

I'm a WoW player and I game on a 17" Sharp, which one of these cards will best suite me without overkilling it? 4850 / 9800gtx+ / or the 9800gt .. If i can spend less money and get the bang then great if not then im willing to spend some more.

I want to have smooth gameplay with high fps with everything including shader quality maxed, but seeing how I game on a 17" I'm not sure if i should purchase the 4850/gtx+ .. what do you guys think ??

Im also looking for this card to handle Diablo 3 decent when it comes out... thanks !
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  1. I don't know the needs of Diablo 3, but a 9800GT would likely be overkill in WOW on that monitor.
  2. Thanks for the reply, and I thought so also, though I think I'm going to purchase the 9800gt over the gtx+ and 4850 just because it will do great in WOW for a good price and I believe if I were to upgrade to a 22" in the future it'd still run fine.
    Unless I am proved wrong and told to buy the others.

    Anyways, I just wanted to get ppl's input on this, figured the 4850/gtx+ were just not worth buying.
  3. im pleased with my 9800gtx+ buyed it for 170$ CAD. ( about 140-150 us)

    overkill for WOW, but nice for the Diablo 3 that is coming
  4. ^ Yeah honestly I was soo tempted to buy a 9800gtx+ for the longest time, I've always had ati cards and im sick of it. Only concern I would have with it would be the length of it, I have a mid tower Gateway desktop and Im not sure if it would fit lol.
  5. It will be an overkill for WOW but it might not be an overkill for Diablo 3 and if you can get 9800gt or HD4830 you can sli or crossfire it later on and in case of HD 4830 if you overclock it will definitely come close to its big brother HD 4850
  6. I agree with you, although I think d3 will be more cpu dependant, so far I've heard that the quad cores will benefit with that game and that is what i have right now... a 9500 phenom

    What it comes down to for me is either spend $331 for a Xfx 9800gt + Corsair 550w psu OR spend
    $423 for a 9800gtx+/4850 + Corsair 550w psu

    that's almost $100 cheaper and it will get the job done most definitely imo.
  7. your right, if your mobo support SLI or CF, you can go for a 9800gt or 4830 and SLI-CF later to play futurgame.

    You CPU seems nice, so your able to SLI-CF without being bottlenecked by your CPU (can still OC this Proc)
  8. I played wow for over 2 years, hardcore. Raided and not so much pvp but could easily handle that.

    I had a core 2 duo 6300 (1.86 Ghz) and overclocked to 2.8-3.4Ghz. Using a 965P Board with an 8800GTX

    I saw over 130 FPS when overclocked and around 105 when not.

    4830 is dead even with an 8800gt(9800gt relabbled 8800gt g92) With that being said, I dont know your cpu but if you have a x16 pci-e lane board your solid with that video card.

    For diablo 3 and that monitor your still solid, if you go for 1900 x 1200 like I do 24" and up I would advise at least a 4850 or nvidia 9800GTX+

    but lets be realistic, wow any video card 8600 or ati 3850 or higher and your overkilling it.

    Diablo 3, stick when paired with higher than 1650 x 1080 (standard 19" - 22"resolution) you NEED the most modern video card power you can get aka 4830/4850 or 9800GTX+

    keep in mind to get full potential of any newer video card you need at least a 2.4ghz core 2 duo (6600, 6650 or higher) and 16 lanes pci-e motherbaord.

    All that said, you will not need sli or crossfire to play diablo 3 unless your a hardcore gamer who has a demanding setup (1920 x 1200 resolution)

  9. Awesome Ele, that's everything I needed to know right there, thanks a bunch !
    As for the monitor and resolutions, I won't be upgrading to a 22" for awhile, I'll pick one up with d3 hits shelves.

    Future proofing myself wouldn't be bad with a 9800gtx+ , I've always had ati and want to try out Nvidia.
    Question is... will it fix in my mid tower Gateway gt5662 ???

    The spacing is very very limited as it is now, I'm afraid if i pick one up it will not fit. I've done the measurements and I'm still not convinced that it will, while at the same time that it won't.

    What do you think ? :lol:
  10. A 9800GT will be overkill for WoW at 1680 x 1050 too. I've played WoW on my 8800GT gaming PC (this one) with maxed out details and 8xQ AA and supersampling transparency. I get anywhere from 100-200 FPS in all the places I've been. I have never seen it dip below 60 FPS, ever.
  11. a 9800GTX+ is a 10.5" card, and are the longest type of video cards. The 8800GT will fit in virtually all cases, since it's a cm over the length of a ATX motherboard. Get the 4850 or 8800GT, they will fit, while the 9800GTX(+) won't. If you want, a 8800GTS is a bit faster than the 8800GT or 9800GT but uses a dual slot cooler and is the same length.
  12. Yikes, so Im safe with a 9800gt or the 8800 series cards but not the gtx+ correct? cause my first intention was to get the 9800GT, i think its only 8Inches in length which gives me room for w/e else.
  13. you should be safe with the length of a 9800gt / 4830 or 4850. I think what i would be concerned with is if the power connector is on the end or the side. Make sure the pci-e power to the video card is on the side. I looked at your Gateway and that hard drive cage is somewhat in the way.

    Even if you did get a huge video card it looks like you can take the hard drive cage and just relocate your hard drive to the cd rom area with an adapter kit. Either way you will be ok.
  14. Yeah I was looking at the cage earlier, I could move the HD anywhere if I take it out.
    Good stuff to hear though, looks like Ill pick up the 9800gt and the corsair vx550.
    Thanks all for the help!
  15. GTX+ is Pretty BIG ... i have a rc690, its a Pretty big Mid case and the card take lotta place in it.
  16. An 8600GT is more than enough for WoW on a 17" monitor.

    That being said, I would be looking at the ATI 4670 or ATI 4830
    both Inexpensive and more than enough.
  17. boulard83 said:
    hey just to let you know.

    90$ 8800gts 320mb (80 with promo code)

    Thanks man, but Im from Canada and im driving to a nearby tigerdirect tomorrow to pick up the two items.
  18. Ok guys if you are still around reading this im stuck again, i was searching around some more on tiger and now im considering getting a cheaper GPU picking up the same crosair vx550w and a 21.6" Lcd.

    What do you guys suggest lol ? srry about this, im trying to get whats best for me...


    $451 still around my budget or should i just stick to the 9800gt and the psu

    remember this is for WoW and possibly d3 when its out, my specs:

    Amd 9500 Phenom quad core
    17" Sharp LCD - possible replacement **
    350w bestec - being replaced ***
    3 gigs of ram
    500g seagate hd
    ECS matx mobo
    win vista 32 bit premium
    hd 2400xt - being replaced ***

    If i purchase the above with the monitor+gpu+psu will the monitor size now gimp my fps since i will running a 9500gt?

    Ill be around, awaiting feedback again, lol thanks a lot
  19. A 9500gt is a waste of your time. D3 won't play well with that piece of sh!t!! Don't waste your $ on it.
    Here is what I'd consider, if you buying from TD:
    PSU - $78 - $10 MIR = $68!! Has 30A on the single 12v rail and should power up your GPU easily. If you want more upgrade path than the Corsair 550vx is a good buy still, just costs $40 more!
    Corsair CX400W Power Supply - 400-Watt, 120mm Fan, SATA-Ready, 80Plus, ATX
    $91 for a 35A on the single 12v rail, plus has 1x6 pin and 1x6+2pin PCI-e power connectors!
    PC Power PPCS500 Silencer 500-Watt Power Supply - PCI-Ex-Ready, SATA-Ready, 80PLUS

    GPU - $160 - $25 MIR = $135!! Has CoD4 with it too!!
    XFX GeForce 9800 GT Video Card - FREE Call of Duty 4 PC Game, 512MB GDDR3, PCI Express 2.0, (2) Dual Link DVI, HDTV, VGA Support

    I'd still get a 4850 if it fits into the budget, but a 9800gt should be good too. It's up to you, but I'd rather have a 19" LCD and a better GPU than a bigger LCD and a crappy GPU or low level one.
  20. I love the replies here :D , very informative thanks. Makes sense what you said, so since im stretching my budget to around $445 to future proof myself i have this now to consider:

    PC Power PPCS500 Silencer 500-Watt Power Supply - PCI-Ex-Ready, SATA-Ready, 80PLUS

    for the extra bucks for Diablo 3 and a future 22" lcd


    PC Power PPCS500 Silencer 500-Watt Power Supply - PCI-Ex-Ready, SATA-Ready, 80PLUS

    depending on ofcourse if it fits in this gateway.

    ps. sorry for all these questions, but i just cant seem to make my mind up 100%
  21. The 4850 is shorter than the 9800 gtx+ like stated before, so I'd consider that over the 9800 gtx+ card, just for the size reasons. The 4870 is a much better card and should last you for quite a bit longer than the 4850, but it also costs more, so that has to be considered. If I was buying today I'd probably go with the 4850 w/a 22" monitor over the 4870 w/your 17" monitor. The 4870 would be wasted on the 17" monitor resolutions, but if you bought your 22" monitor later, than it would make sense to get it now. Overall the PCP&C PSU/4870/22" LCD is the way to go, but because of budget you might have to go with the 4850 and 22" LCD. Does that help any??
  22. Yep it helps alot except if i plan to buy a 4850 or 4870 then i can only get 1 card and the pc power psu.
    the monitor would have to bought another time. Only way i can squeeze in a monitor this time around is if i get a 9500gt like i wrote earlier but its not worth it cause its not future proof.

    So either tomorrow i will get the pcpower and either a 4850/4870, thanks once again for sticking around!
  23. Not a problem. Don't get the 9500gt it's CRAP!! The 4850/4870 and the PCP&C PSU would be a nice setup. I'd even consider getting a 19" LCD to hold you over for a couple of years, but that is just me. I have a 19" LCD right now and have had it for about 3 years, so I'm a bit biased on that front. The 22" LCD would be nice, but if you don't have a GPU to run it at it's native resolution, than you'd be wasting your $ on the LCD!! Well hopefully we've all helped you make up your mind on what you want to do?? Let us know what you get and how it works out for you.
  24. Yes this definitely helped me out HUGE you cannot imagine lol. I will pick up the PCP/4850 tm and ill let you know how it works, Thanks a bunch again !!! :kaola:
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