Bought an OCZ Agility 60gb, new to SSD

I got a question, i was told on OCZ forums i need to turn on IDE mode, but currently i have a raid 0 set up between 2 hard drives that i want to keep, is there a way to have the SSD run at full potential when its in Raid mode but not being part of the raid?
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  1. If you have Intel onboard RAID; yes this would work. If not; it likely won't. Intel is the only one whose AHCI drivers allow TRIM to SSDs.

    So other than Intel controllers; you can't do this, i believe.
  2. My motherboard is a gigabyte 890fxa-ud5, and the SSD wouldn't be part of the raid, it'd be a single drive, while my 2 hard drives stayed in raid.
  3. AMD wouldn't allow this, no. As soon as you use the AMD drivers; you won't have TRIM; no matter if your SSD is part of a RAID or not.

    Only the Intel drivers allow running in RAID mode, while still enabling TRIM for single disk SSDs not part of a RAID array themselves.

    With AS SSD you can see which driver you are running (msahci = TRIM). CrystalDiskMark also shows if TRIM is enabled.
  4. kk ty for ur answer:)
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