I think I'm in over my head

I have been collecting parts to try and build a cheap secondary PC

recently ( last 2 weeks) I have bought a few parts from Newegg and this weekend put it all together.
This is my first time trying from scratch

AMD 64 X2 5000+ @ 2.6
Foxconn A7VMX-K board
Antec EA500 (was in use in home PC for 7800 gt)
gskill 4 gb (2x2) pc6400 5-5-5-15
seagate 250gb hdd
LG dvd burner
Asus 7800 gt vid card (pci-e)

well it seems that after assembly I cannot get any power to anything! (except I did notice the 3 lights on the keyboard come on then off)

I do not have a speaker set up on the system yet so no beeps and no lights to verify issues or not.

anyone have any idea other than what i think has happened --- DOA board :pfff:
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  1. Are you sure you didn't make the very common mistake of forgetting to plug in the 4-pin CPU power connector as well as the 24-pin motherboard power connector? The 4-pin CPU power connector is located near the CPU socket.
  2. Also.........is the Mobo on risers? if not....that may be a problem.

    I agree with shortstuff, check your connections of power.

  3. if keyboards light up, did the power supply fan turned?
  4. Thanks for the responses and yes I have the mobo on standoffs ( also made sure none were in wrong areas to short it out)

    yes plugged in 4 pin mobo pwersupply as well as the 24 pin supply

    no the fan on the power supply does not turn on nor make any noise at all

    I did use a paperclip to check a fan ( inserted into green lead and a black one, fan powered up and ran fine - still no fan on power suplly starting though)
  5. oops Zip I think so based on it is an old case from way back Cheiftec full tower and I have no literature on it and couldn't find anything that stated wiring diag. It seems that the hot lead is colored versus the ground being black on all four of the front connections well the power switch is a green(positive?) lead and white(negative?)
  6. You'd do yourself a favor if you scrounged an old PC speaker somewhere and hooked it up to the mobo.

    Try starting with the absolute minimum hardware - mobo, cpu & HSF, RAM, and PSU. If you can't get anything out of that combination, there's no point in adding the other components.

    The polarity of the front panel connections only matter for the LEDs; switches don't care. As for the LEDs, try them one way - if they don't light up, try the other.
  7. Is everything within your case dead? I mean nothing at all turns on? I see you posted that the keyboard lights up momentarly, but that the power supply fan doesn't kick on. Something doesn't seem right with your discription. Can you please explain exactly what is and what is not turning on?
  8. Kubes

    Nothing in the pc appears to receive any power, and the power supply fan does not come on also.

    I do not see any led activity and I have not set up a speaker from the ports on mobo( or do I need an internal wired speaker?)

    no fans, no beeps (speaker) no leds, and no clicking or any other sounds other than the dang crickets
  9. is your psu properly plugged into the wall? Is the wall socket your using good?
  10. Is the switch on the back of the PSU turned on? I know, I know - stupid question, but there was a post Monday where that ended up being the problem. :)

  11. haha, its ussualy the simple things that kill ya. Even I overlooked that being a posiblity here lol, but still a very valid thing that it could be. Also this simple mistake has made me think that it could be possibly that there is a voltage switch on the psu. Depending on where you live (usa 120v eurpose 220v) determines what range of voltage comes out of your wall.
  12. What did you do to make the keyboard LEDs light up, however briefly? Obviously, the keyboard derives its operating power through the motherboard, so SOME power is available. It almost sounds like the standby power is active, but the PSU isn't receiving the turn-on signal from the motherboard.

    To quickly check if the PSU is "alive", turn off the PSU and disconnect it from everything except the AC power. Force it to start by shorting the PS_ON signal (pin 16 on the 24-pin power connector, usually the green wire) to ground (either pin 15 or 17, or any black wire) with a paperclip or jumper wire. The PSU fan should stay running as long as you keep PS_ON shorted to ground.

    If that works, reconnect the PSU to the mobo in the minimum system configuration I described above. Make sure you have the system power switch connected to the correct front-panel connector, and try again. If this doesn't work, your mobo might be DOA.
  13. I'm gonna try the power supply in my home pc to verify that it works then put it back together tommorrow and try it again before I RMA it back to newegg
  14. Well power supply passed with flying colors, so I am gonna assume that the motherboard is dead thanks for the helpful suggestions and hope to be back on with my new pc in the coming weeks
  15. Just another quick question, will it hinder the machine if I have a Sata hdd and a ide dvd burner on the same mobo???
  16. Hey keyboard can sometimes light up when PSU is plugged in just due to residual power, plug everything in make sure all connections are secure unplug the front panel switches from mobo ( Pwr Swtch, Reset Swtch) Take a philips head screwdriver, locate all the front panel jumpers and touch the 2 jumpers with the tip of the screwdriver to complete the circuit due it to all the jumpers in the Front panel block. Sounds kinda like a bad pwr switch.
  17. Thanks all and especially you Jakazz425 I took the power switch cable and stripped it to connect and sure enough power to proc and fans spinning as well as a few beeps WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. gratz on the fix
  19. one thing, did you set up the case power button jumper right? could be something real weird like that.
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