Sensor movement at 0 with colder weather?

Hi, these are the sensor movements my E8500 have been at

With stock intel cooler

Core0 7 Core1 9 (around 20C-25C air temperature)

with a Thermalright right ultra-120 extreme

Core0 2-3 core1 0-1-2 (around same temperature with stock cooler. 20-25C)

Now ive done another sensor test about 3 weeks later. And for the past few days its been raining cold and a little windy

Core0 0 Core1 0 (around with a low of 14C)

Now I was wondering why has may sensor movement got worse over time? May it be the cooler weather? But can the colder weather effect thr sensor movement?
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  1. It could be something to do with the weather?
  2. What do you mean by "my sensor movement got worse"? Your temps seem fine (but remember that they are not so accurate at such low temps, as the readings below room temp show).
  3. I mean by saying "my sensor movement got worse" as realtemp says below a sensor movement of 3 is indicator the sensor is stuck. And both mine have gone from 7 and 9 to 0 and 0. Thats what i mean by theve gotten worse.
  4. I'm no expert, but if your operating temperatures are changing quite often it could mess with the sensor. If the room temp is going from ~50F to ~100F when you turn it on that cycle over and over again could damage it, there's not much to say or do about it unless you want to RMA it, but on grounds of a stuck sensor that could be hard.

    Also all that RealTemp says is that it is no longer capable of providing accurate idle temperatures, which isn't a big deal, load is what should concern you when testing and such.
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