Computer won't boot help!

about last month i bought a new monitor, one memory stick, and video card instal everything fine my brother came pluged in his ipod let it charge plugged it out and my computer froze so i turned it off and after that it wont work i would turn it on i would hear the hard drive working the fan spinning and i can push the cd drive button to open and all i see is a blank screen on my monitor. so i thought it was the psu so bought a new one and it still won't work so now i am stump help pls wat else should i try i took it apart and put it back together and it still won't work. any help will work thank you.
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  1. Does the computer show the bios screen or do the post thing
  2. Likely your computer got zapped with a static charge. In any case, try clearing the CMOS. Hopefully you don't need a new motherboard.
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