TEMP1 *85C* speed fan??? HELP!!! Inspiron 530 E8400

I just upgraded my Inspiron 530 from a e2180 to a e8400 (SLB9J). I know my bios is the latest version and I know my mobo is compatiable. Dell sales the exact same cpu for my system as an option. I reused the same heatsink/fan that was on my e2180 which is the same one Dell uses for both cpu's. I cleaned off the old thermal lube and applied Artic Freeze 5 exactly as directed. I have "speed fan" on my pc since I can't find a place to check on temp's in Dell's bios (Dell Bios 1.0.16 12/12/2008). I checked my old cpu and recorded the temps; Temp1 36C,Temp2 43C,Core0 27C,Core1 29C. After changing my cpu; Temp1 **85C**,Temp2 37C,Core0 37C,Core1 36C. The cpu's are both 65watt. I figure I didn't screw my heatsink/fan down tight enough so I checked it. Same readings. I took it out thinking mabey too much thermal grease, cleaned it off and reenstalled with a little less artic5. Same readings! I've upgraded everything possible on this 10 month old pc in the last week so I don't want to burn anything up. HELP!!!
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  1. So what part of the computer does "temp1" measure? The core temps seem fine for idle. Remember that the e8400 is much faster than the e2180, so of course it will run hotter. I'd get CPU-Z and something like CoreTemp or RealTemp so you can monitor speeds and temps within Windows.
  2. I wish I could answer that for sure! I've read that it's a temp that comes "from the mobo". What and where I don't know for sure. Are realtemp and core temp things you download of the net for free or something you have to buy? I'm on a different pc at the moment for fear of burning something up! I know 85c is the max for my cpu. I just don't know for sure if temp1 is a cpu temp or not!?
  3. Both Coretemp and Realtemp are free downloads - google will help you find the right site.

    Core 0 & Core 1 are the temps for the CPU itself.... other two temps seem most likely to be mobo (system temp) or graphics.

    85c seems very high for system temp though -
  4. in CPUID it's TMPIN0 85C
    Tmpin1 34C
  5. The only sensor temps displayed for my pc in speed fan, or cupid are Temp1,Temp2(TMPIN0,TMPIN1), CORE0,CORE1,GPU TEMP, and HDD TEMP's. I've had a 50C jump up after installing a cpu that operates on the same 65watts my old cpu, and I added a second internal hdd. So what is TEMP1 or TMPIN0 and why the sudden jump 50 degrees????
  6. I ran Prime95 for 30 minutes and monitored temps using speed fan, CPUID, and Reattemp all at the same time. The idle temps were core0 36C and core1 37C. Loaded were core0 60C and core1 55C. Is this acceptable??? I don't have a lot of expertise in this department.
  7. its fine bro :ange:
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