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Hi all,
I know maybe this question have been asked before, but its urgent i need to know what i am doing wrong, so please excuse me ! :)
I have Asus P5Q motherboard with Q6600 cpu, I have installed 2x2Gb Geil memory (1066), but the cpuz is reporting its running in 400mhz. what i am doing wrong ? is there anything i should do ?
please help me
many thnx
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  1. Set the frequency (DDR2-10066MHZ), voltage and timings manually in Ai Tweaker.
  2. When i set it to 1066 it wont boot up ! :(
  3. 1066 MHz is overclocked, so you need to set the voltage and timings accordingly. What Geil 1066 MHz memory do you have? What voltage and timings does it require at 1066 MHz? It certainly requires more than 1.8V which is the default and you need to relax the timings as well. Unless you run benchmarks, you probably won't be able to tell the difference between 800 MHz with tighter timings and 1066 Mhz with looser timings.
  4. ASUS boards are crap. Half them arent running 1066mhz ram at that speed, ASUS is yet to explain why, if your board is new take it back and get a gigabyte, your ram is running at 800mhz (400mhz x 2 = dual data rate DDR), im confident to say no matter how much you tweak this ram you wont get it running at 1066mhz, and you could fry it as a number of people have. Sorry to say you may have fallen into the same trap as me, if you do get your RAM running properly please let me know, id be very interested to hear how.
  5. I think its running at 1066 now, i have followed GhislainG advise, also i have enabled two jumpers on motherboard which allowed the higher voltages for cpu and ram. now on boot up screen it shows 1066.
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