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I have a eo stepping e8500 running on gigabyte ud3p in vista 64 bit. I oced my cpu to 4.2(fsb 500 mhz x 8.5 multi) Everything is going well till I created a standard user so my Dad could use it(I dont want him to see my pronz). Anyway is there a way to solve this? I tried to set the multi on 9.5 and fsb on 450~ but I can't post. My vcore was on 1.38 that time. Though I could run 4.2 on latter settings with 1.30000 volts. Any input would be much appreciated.. thanks
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  1. It would seem extremely odd that adding a user would affect your OC if it were actually stable. How long had you run it at 4.2? Ever run anything like Prime ( http://www.mersenne.org/ ) or OCCT ( http://www.ocbase.com/perestroika_en/index.php?Download ) to verify stability under load? That's a pretty tall OC - my guess is thermally induced instability under load...
  2. I ran prime95 for 6 hrs and then intelburn test 20 folds. its all going well till i made another user and it got clock to 4.7 with a 9.5x multi. maybe i just have to tweak something on the bios to keep the multi from changing.
  3. You may just need a little bit more Vcore; try a peek here:
  4. OK I'm really sorry for my grammar. I will explain my situation as clearly as possible this time. Like I said above I oced my cpu to 4.2 ghz and its going fine around 1.3~ vcore. I ran prime 95 for 6 hrs with small fft and intelburntest 20 folds no errors. And then I created another user on vista 64 bit so my Dad could use it w/o accessing some of my private files but when I boot with the new user my cpu multiplier shoot up to 9.5 from 8.5 that made my cpu clock on 4.7 and noticeable freezing and slowdown. Now I think it's not my vcore, I think it's either my OS doing it or some setting in my board that I need to tweak so that my multiplier will stay like that.
  5. This is indeed a strange one how you describe the OS affecting your hardware settings which is usually set prior to the OS booting up.

    I suspect that the quick boost or Easy Tune profile kicks in when another user logs in. And since you've already set the BIOS to overclcok, the Quick Boost wants to overclcok on top of your overclock.

    Here's s way to test that. Set your BIOS to default and run eveything on stock speed. After Vista loads and you switch user, does the overclock still happen?
  6. That might be the case, im gonna try that later. my only solution for now is to turn the multi to 9.5 and everything is fine. I gotta get rid of that easy tune.....
  7. Oy All

    Just a possibility : If it only crashes when new "standard" user in chosen. Pls check the power scheme and ensure that the standard powerscheme-specs, matches your own user- powerscheme-specs. Could also be speedstep / c1 related issue.

    Gl There.
  8. Aaack! Please, somebody tell me there's not yet another way for EasyTune to bug things up! Could someone running the latest version check to see if it creates profiles under either %system_root%\Users\%user_name%\AppData or %system_root%\ProgramData? The OS' energy saving settings, now that you mention it, are the likely culprit - god only knows, in this green, politically correct world, what they default to when creating a new user. IMHO, if I wanted to save the planet, I'd plant a damned tree - don't MESS with my computer...

    [edit]: BTW, the EPA has asked me to inform you all that, henceforth, you are only allowed to exhale every other breath, to assist in reducing toxic CO2 emissions!
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