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Ok i think this is a typical question but i have an optiplex gx620 but it is an Ultra Small Form Factor Computer and my power supply is not in the back... it is an adapter. It says "max output: 220W, i know this is shocking.

basically i want to play games but before i waste money on a graphics card (that requires at least 350w by the way) i need some help. i'm just going to fire some questions:

Is it even possible to get an adapter for my optiplex gx620 over 350w?

If so, how much (£) would it cost me?

If not, is that my gaming career basically over? ps. i won't get a new pc but still do really want to game.

Thanks and i appreciate all your answers.
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  1. Just look in the discount game section and buy older games. They might run. other than that you need a new PC.
  2. You are basically out of luck. It would be possible to get a SLIGHTLY more powerful graphics card in there without blowing things but it's really not worth the effort.


    All the ones I saw online had INTERNAL power supplies.

    My advice for gaming on a budget is get a new PS2 and uh, borrow some games for it, torrent cough.

    If you are still serious, then write down some specs:
    -RAM (type and amount i.e. 512MB)
    -can you FIT a PCIe card in your case?
    -if so, is there space for a 2-slot solution to blow heat out externally?

    My advice to you if you were to upgrade would be to wait a few months then get a new ATI 40nm, DX11 card that consumes a PEAK/MAX power of 40Watts. It's not a high end card but it may just run some older games and possibly even Starcraft 2 at an acceptable level of quality.

    Ideally it would blow the air directly out the rear like the HD4870 does. Check out the sub $100 ATI cards to get an idea.

    You should really borrow a PCIe card with MAX power of 40Watts (kind doesn't matter) then benchmark to see if it works.


    With a die shrink to 40nm you might be able to use a card with the same power as the HD4670 512MB.

    There ARE a lot of reasonably good PC games around that don't need the latest and greatest. Obviously, NOT Crysis or most newer games. You can go to places like once/if you upgrade then get a whole bunch of DEMOS to see where you stand.
  3. Your machine will not accept a dedicated video card, it has no expansion slots.
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