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ok im new here and i need some help. i just got my new build together. everything booted up fine. i can access the bios and everything. but when it starts up it asks me to start windows normally or safe mode etc. i am using my old hdd with data on there. but when it gets to windows load up screen the pc reboots and it repeats itself. pls help. i dont wanna lose all my files. :(
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  1. woh that sounds like something that's way outta my hands. >.<
  2. Personally, it is probably easier to just reinstall the OS and copy the data over from your old hard drive.
  3. well u didnt get my point. my old hdd is the hdd that im using in my new build. so i cant copy files if i reformat that drive.
  4. Well I'd put you old HD back into your old build and backup what you want and then do a fresh install on the new system. That would be the best way to do it. You can also hook up your old HD onto a working computer (friends/pals) and copy over the files you want to keep. Than do a fresh install on the old HD in the new system.
  5. You can't just take the HD with the OS in it out of one system and put it in a new system. You'll have to follow the above advice and somehow back up your personal data and do a fresh install.
  6. I have moved a HD with one OS in it and hook it up as a slave drive in another system, so I don't know where your getting your information from??
  7. It might work as a slave drive, but as a main drive it usually doesn't work. The OS has the drivers installed for all the old hardware and doesn't know what to do when it sees new hardware. It also throws up red flags for Windows activation.
  8. I didn't have any of those issues that you stated, but thought I'd throw out the option. If he puts it back into the original build than he won't have any issues at all.
  9. umm guys now i have a major issue. i put in my windows cd was going to reformat. the system reads the boot disk and starts gather files which is normal. but when it says starting windows the system reboots and repeats again. wtf is going on!!!???
  10. You might want to boot into the BIOS and monitor the temperatures of your CPU/mobo/etc. for at least 30-45 min. This will let you know if you have a CPU HSF installed incorrectly or if there are other temperature issues going on. More than likely your CPU HSF is not installed well or the thermal paste isn't doing it's job.
  11. Also double check all of your voltages. Maybe your memory requires 2-2.2v and your BIOS has it set to the stock setting of 1.8v.
  12. Yea, it's probably time to post your complete rig specs so we know what we're working with.
  13. ok my specs are:

    q6600 g0 at 2.4ghz (so far temp is cool at 30c)
    Biostar Tpower I45 p45 mother board
    2 sticks 2gb corsair xms2 ram
    8800gts 512 ko
    550w corsair sli ready psu
  14. ok specs are:

    q6600 g0 at 2.4 (temp is 30c stable)
    biostar tpower i45 mobo
    2 sticks 2gb corsair xms2 ram
    8800gts 512 ko
  15. Well that doesn't cover the detailed specs I was looking for, but does shed some light on what we're dealing with. You could try using only 1 memory stick in the system and see if that affects anything. Again I'm going to assume the memory only needs 1.8v to function. Since there isn't any specifics on the speed or voltage required on the sticks you mentioned. I'm sorta shooting in the dark about the memory, but until I know more for sure I'll just assume the most likely specs.
  16. Did you plug in the 6 pin PCI-e power connector to the GPU??
  17. I agree. Could you post the exact model number of the RAM so we can look up the specs?

    Did you manually set the RAM timings and voltage to the manufacturers specs in the BIOS?
  18. ok update. i took out 1 stick of ram and window boots. but rams are good system picked up 4g but why is it doing that anyone knows?

    but now non of my usb drives are working. great....
  19. I'd double check your connections on your mobo to see if one of the connectors went loose or got disconnected during your troubleshooting of the boot up issue. I see your memory is rated at 1.9v, so please adjust it in BIOS, if you haven't already. This will minimize any variables in future troubleshooting.
    You might also want to swap out the 1 good stick and put in the other stick into the same memory slot to verify that it is good too. It's possible, not likely, that you could've damaged the memory stick when handling it. It's rare, but it's possible too.
  20. +1 to manually setting the RAM timings and voltage in the BIOS.

    You will probably need to install the chipset drivers before the usb ports work.
  21. ok guys thnx for all the help. i found out why it won't work now. 1 stick of ram is faulty. both sticks work individually but together system would crash. ran memtest and 1 stick passes while the other locks up. looks like an rma.
  22. Well we were all around it, so seems like you have your problem figured out! Nice to see some of our ideas work out in ratting out the culprit!!
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