Q9550 + Asus P5QL + 4x2 GB DDR2 1066MHz CL5 CORSAIR - 3.4 GHz

Hi guys,

i'm new in this OC business, so i could use some help from more experienced ones.
I managed to make the Q9550 work stable on 3.4 GHz with settings from this thread (the first configuration):

FSB Frequency - 400
PCIE Frequency - 100
FSB Strap To North Bridge - 400
Dram Frequency - DDR2-800
Dram Timing 5-5-5-15
CPU Voltage - 1.285
FSB Termination Voltage - 1.3
Memory Voltage - 2.0
North Bridge Voltage - 1.3
PCIE Spread Spectrum - Disabled
CPU Ratio - Auto
C1E Support - Disabled
Max CPUID - Disabled
Intel Speedstep - Disable

But the problem is, i can make it work only with RAM underclocked to 800 MHz.
When i change the RAM frequency to 1066MHz and set the DRAM clock to 5-6-6-18 on Row Refresh Cycle Time set to 85 DRAM Clocks (other setting from this link, they do work stable with no CPU overclock: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?66868-Asus-P5Q-SE2-and-OCZ-1066MHZ-RAM), i'm getting BSOD in couple of minutes.

DRAM Freq - 1066MHz
DRAM Timings (1st info): 5-6-6-18
Row Refresh Cycle - 85
DRAM Static Read Control - Disabled
DRAM Read Training - Disabled
MEM OC Charger - Enabled
AI Clock Twister - Light
Memory Voltage - 2.1V
North Bridge voltage - 1.3V
CPU Spread Spectrum - Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum - Disabled
CPU Margin Enhancement - Optimized (default)

I've tried to combine all the setting from the first thread with the RAM settings above, but with no stable outcome. Does anyone have a suggestion what to change to make CPU work stable on 3,4GHz with 1066MHz RAM?

Thanks for any opinion.
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  1. 1:1 ratio is a better ratio anyhow for what your using it for, and dont expect 4 sticks in dual channel mode to work at low latency or high frequencies
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