Picked out CPU and GPU, not sure about everything else

Hey guys, building a new computer here. I've picked out the CPU and GPU

i7 940 Nehalem
Radeon HD 4870 X2

but not sure about everything else. Anyone got any suggestions? I hear that the i7 940 runs really hot, do I need extra cooling? Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Why not get the Core i7 920? You can save a lot of cash, and you can overclock it for better performance than the i7 940. You could get a sweet cooler for your LGA 1366 and still have money for a good set of RAM. The money you save also help fund a X58 motherboard purchase. In other words, Core i7 920 is the sweet spot.
  2. Have an idea on what your total budget is? Hard core gaming machine or general purpose computer system?
    Anything carried over from your old system?
    Need suggestion on keyboard/mouse, monitor and speakers?
  3. What about OS? Need an OS? You should look for a 64-bit to get most out of 6GB and even 3GB. The max RAM a 32-bit OS could use with a 2GB frame buffer (on 4870X2) would be 2GB. It's an OS limitation, so go 64-bit to alleviate that problem all together.
  4. +1 for above posters on their questions. Also what is your current LCD?
  5. yea, def getting a 64 OS. THe system is going to be a gaming rig / graphics rig for 3d animations and video editing. My overall budget is 3K but I need everything, motherboards, case, power supply, ram, HD, monitor. I'm basically buying a new computer to replace my laptop, which is about 2 yrs old.
  6. Do you plan on doing crossfire? Or plan on it in the future?
  7. It looks like the Zalman ZM-CS4A socket 1366 adapter brackets aren't available in the US just yet.
    So think about this CPU cooler: Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 (Socket LGA 1366) HSF $70

    There is quite a bit of wiggle room to take the total cost lower. For example you could easily get by with a 750W PSU and less expensive case. Maybe a 1TB HDD instead of 2x 750HDDs.
    Corsair 750TX 750w PSU $120 ($20 rebate)
    NZXT TEMPEST Mid Tower Case $110 ($30 rebate)
    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 32MB Cache SATA3 HDD $130

    Just those changes would save $330 up front.
  8. I'd try shooting for one of the big boy monitors. the 30" 25x16 resolution. with a 4870x2 card anything less might not do the card true justice. I think with this budget it should be considerd. Otherwise like WR2 noted there are a lot of areas that the current setup suggests could be more cost effective. By allowing this it'd drop your price range down a lot.

    Need a blue ray burner? Or is a dvd burner good enough?
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